Eight men rob expats, collide with coconut tree

Police are investigating eight men who allegedly robbed five Bangladeshi farm workers of Rf8000 (US$622) on Fonadhoo in Laamu Atoll, before attempting to flee in a car.

One of the suspects was seriously injured when the car hit a coconut tree during a high speed police chase. Police arrested two of the men, one of whom was admitted in Laamu Atoll Gan regional hospital, and the other who is to be transfered to Male’ with a serious elbow injury.

Fonadhoo police station is now investigating the case.

Island Chief of Fonadhoo Ahmed Yousuf said the men were not islanders from Fonadhoo, but were travelling from Mundhu in Laamu Atoll.


7 thoughts on “Eight men rob expats, collide with coconut tree”

  1. a few robbery movies and they think they can pull it off..when will these people learn that theres nothing but open sea all around us?!

  2. is it worth risking your life, and going to jail for just $600...desperation fr easy money no one wants to do any hard work and earn a living do we need bangladeshi workers to look after our coconut trees...what has happened to the Maldivians....

  3. Fonadhoo:-
    Area 159 hectares
    Population 1773

    Police versus robbers in a car chase? Is this for real?

  4. Is it not sad that the Maldivians are a lazy bunch who employ Bangladeshis to work for them. The Maldivians treat them badly and discriminate them, and to make matters worse, rob them of their hard earned money.

    When will Maldivians learn? Your government is a BIG BEGGAR, and so are you people. Had you begged, the Bangladeshis would have given you the money.Why did you rob them you Hakuru fellows?

  5. i am wondering if government will pay for all the injury expenses even if they are criminals and who should be responsible for it????

  6. Agree with Naeema. We need a local version of the Failblog.

    I'm shocked that people like these don't know how to earn an honest buck, making for a crazy dollar shortage that I had no idea was happening in the first place.


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