Three men stabbed in cafe, two motorcycles burnt

A group of men attacked three men inside a coffee shop in Mahchangolhi last night.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the three men were injured and were admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

”One of them was stabbed in the back and his condition is serious, the other two were stablised after medical treatment and have now have been discharged,” said Shiyam. ”They were attacked while they were inside a cafe.”

He said that the coffee shop had requested police not to reveal its identity ”as the case has no connection with the coffee shop.”

He noted that police have been continuing special operations to curb gang violence and crime in Male’.

”But now we are not conducting operations at the level we did during the holidays,” he added.

Also last night, two motorbikes parked in two different areas of Male’ were burned in an apparent arson attack.

Police said that one motorbike parked in Buruzumagu was found burned at 3:10am last night.

Police officers patrolling the streets saw the motorbike on fire and doused it with water, and the motorbike was not severely damaged.

Another motorbike parked near Galolhu cemetery was found burnt last night at 4:00am, police said.

Police said that one ‘Pulsar’ motorcycle and two ‘Wave’ motorcycles were severely damaged in the incident.


6 thoughts on “Three men stabbed in cafe, two motorcycles burnt”

  1. Most Police officers are Victims of Maumoonism and they still practice those bad habbits and ethics ..

    To improve Policing just fire all top officials who were figure heads during maumoonism.

    Aseeth joins Police Again, he's responsible for Backbone Mahir 2

  2. Adam zahir's maumoonism excuse again....dont u know that all the figure heads during the maumoon era are already fired..we have got new people in all the political posts yet we see little improvement .....the problem i think run deeper than simple Maumoonism..I believe the problem is the Maldivian psyche, we are a very irresponsible, lazy bunch of people, with no job discipline, we dont use common sense and we try to copy the Indian method of excessive red-tape..current maldivian leadership lacks sincerity as well...

  3. the caffe's name is UNDERGROUND its on the same road as Abaage the famous garage. now its has been closed.... the board reads closed for renovation....

  4. Maumoonism is a good term haha. Considering that there are still police who are favoring previous regime either because they are Maumoon's fans or compensated with bribery!

    Stop the corruption within police. Money is not everything.... gangs and parties may pay you but you have to know that you're here to protect citizens not harm us for money....!!!


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