Gang murdered 21 year-old man by mistake, says police inspector

Twenty-one year-old Abdulla Muheeth was mistakenly killed by a gang on February 19 and was not the intended target, Police Inspector Abdulla Satheeh said on Monday.

Inspector Satheeh said the police investigation into Muheeth’s death showed that he was not attacked because he had done anything, and that he was a good person who had no police record.

He also noted that Satheeh was not a member of any gang, and was working in a good and responsible job when the incident occurred.

Police said four men and two minors have been arrested in connection with the case, all of them with criminal records.

Satheeh said there was  enough evidence to prosecute the six suspects, but said police were still working to collect more evidence.

He said that police give high priority to such cases and assured the public that the case was proceeding at a fast pace.

Muheeth died on February19 after he was attacked at 1:55am in the morning. Three others were injured following a series of stabbings in the Maldives capital Male’ that same night.

A friend of Muheeth told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that Muheeth was never involved in any gang related activities and that he was a good person.

‘’He was a really nice friend, he treated all his friends like they were family to him, he was never involved in any gang related activity,’’ he said. ‘’It brought great sorrow to all his friends to hear he was murdered.’’

The friend alleged Muheeth was attacked by the gang because he was a close friend of the person they wanted to attack.

‘’It was a week after the person they wanted to attack had left the country to study and was killed,’’ he claimed. ‘’I say the assailants should receive the death penalty, and the police should also make them apologise to his mother and father.’’

He called on the police to investigate the case thoroughly and to bring everyone involved to justice.


8 thoughts on “Gang murdered 21 year-old man by mistake, says police inspector”

  1. Give them one more chance after all punishing them wont bring back the dead guy. Mistakes Happens..

  2. @simba: one more chance so they can kill someone else's brother, father, child or friend?

  3. yeah baaghees, why dont you show the courage you showed on the day of the coup? go out there like mad dogs and hunt down all the gangs. no wait, you are one of the gangs. and you are all owned by the narcokleptocrats and oligarchs. good for you!

  4. all the more reason to wipe off the gangs with something better than pepper spray or water cannons.

  5. No, no, please do not do anything to those criminals, any act taken against criminals are an act against humanity. Amnesty, Human rights org’s will be there. It was just a simple mistake form a gang, they innocent who died is not a human so Amnesty or any other Human rights org’s will not be there. Please do release the criminals so that they can terrorised our street. Come on, do something about it.

  6. so, these gang members are all safely on the street again hmm? if this boy's death was a 'mistake' then who was their target? did the police wonder to ask t hat question? and can they undo this mistake and give this boy back to his parents and loved ones? and so you will let this one pass will you? and let these gangs terrorize our streets and make Male' streets the most dangerous it's been in the past f3w years? so no gangs accountable and no police accountability is there. nice, if your campaign is to make Maldivians hate the police more, then you're doing a wonderful wonderful job. if you're trying to make Maldivians feel unsafe, you're doing a perfect job but if you're trying to make people scared of the police and these gangs, no thank you. no one is afraid of these thugs, only angry as any person could ever be!


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