Gang stabs three men before fleeing

A group of men stabbed three others in Henveiru yesterday, leaving one of the victims in a critical condition with severe injuries to his head and chest.

The gang used sharp objects, shovels and metal pipes in the attack, which occurred late yesterday afternoon. Many children were present at the scene near the artificial beach, while one woman fainted after witnessing the attack, local media reported.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that all three victims were hospitalised following the incident yesterday.

”Some suspects have been arrested for investigation,” Shiyam added.

Following the gang attack, police strengthened security in Male’ and began patrolling public parks – other areas where gangs are thought to gather.

Minivan News understands that some of those arrested last night have now been released.

Local media has reported that the gang attacked the three men with sharp objects and shovels as well as other weapons.

Daily newspaper Haveeru reported police as saying that the gang also threatened a person in the area and robbed him of his motorbike after threatening him with a sharp weapon.


9 thoughts on “Gang stabs three men before fleeing”

  1. This isn't at all a surprise when you have over 150,000 people locked up in a square mile.

    This is just the beginning of what's to come. As Male' and surrounding areas get more and more crowded, there'll be more extreme violence.

    Look at us. Maldivians are not used to living in close proximity to too many of their kind. Most of them have lived on tiny islands for generations. Suddenly we have thousands of these cramped inside a tin can called Male.

    You can't blame the police for not finding the thugs either. Ultimately, there are people in society who know these people. They are inside someone's house right now. They are known to their parents, relatives, friends etc. It's their responsibility to inform the police and get rid of the danger posed to society from these criminals.

  2. So where is our brave police guards in place where play many children?It must be security post there!every time gung members and drugs addict go out of prison after some times! and all the time we can read that investigation and bla bla bla !But in fact criminals free and peoples have injury or being killing/Because heavy corruption and even child can understand that !Just shoot this criminals few times like in Thaiwan or China and peace will be soon in Maldives/

  3. Anni why dont you just are unable to maintain public law and order within a 1 space..just go...this countires got much more efficient people...what "suspects"..whats there to suspect when all those people saw the brutal assaults...just round them up and put em in jail.

  4. Remember, when the president also said that there were "no problems to be afraid of" in Male' at the moment? I guess he wouldn't know what happens outside Muliage.

  5. Shocked for words. This is just 2 sq km land mass we are talking about. I cant even imagine how things would be if HulhuMale', Vilingili and Gulhifalhu are all linked - more places for criminals to hide, i suppose.

    It is just unacceptable when these crimes happen in front of children and innocent bystanders who themselves are traumatised beyond words. There is no Law and Order in this country because there is no Justice - no one has faith in the justice system. Criminals walk free while law abiding citizens live in their own homes like jailbirds, too scared to come out. What a PARADISE??

  6. Its time to allocate an island for the gangs. drugs and booze should be dumped on the island from a helicopter,food too if they need it.

    our children can enjoy the parks, police can be free, the gangs can be 'nice' and hapy in thir territory and have fights as they please.

    These people will never get intergrated into the society.dont even bother. its a waste of public funds and threat to our lives.

  7. Where are Mullahs (Fauzee/Fareed) are now? Will they come out and give some lecture now or they are only concerned when they see girls in bikinis. Come on Adhaalath - give some statement.


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