Indian teacher working at Eydhafushi School found dead in suspected suicide

An Indian computer teacher working at Baa Atoll School on the island of Eydhafushi has been found dead in a suspected suicide.

The Eydhafushi Times, an online newspaper based on the island, identified the teacher as 27 year-old Shathis Raj.

Eydhafushi Island Councilor Mohamed Riza told Minivan News that he was called by the council and informed of  the incident at 9:30 am this morning.

‘’I went [to the victim’s house] 10 minutes later and the body had already been taken to the hospital. But I waited and took a look at the scene,’’ Riza said.

Riza said he went to the hospital where he received news that the teacher had been dead for eight hours.

‘’We do not know why he had committed suicide, there are lots of rumors spreading around but I do not wish to say those things because they might not be true,’’ he said.

‘’He was a very friendly teacher and hangs out with islanders,’’ he said. ‘’He has been working on this island for three years and five months.’’

According to Riza, the teacher was admitted to the hospital last week after he attempted suicide by eating some pills.

The Head of Eydhafushi Hospital Ahmed Waheed said the body was brought to the hospital this morning around 10:00am, where doctors pronounced him dead. The body was sent to Dharavandhoo island [in Baa Atoll] to be sent to Male’.’’

Waheed said there were rumors going around saying that the teacher’s suicide was related to his relationship with a woman.


14 thoughts on “Indian teacher working at Eydhafushi School found dead in suspected suicide”

  1. I would like to bring the following information to the notice of the readers.When a person attempts to commit suicide and taken to the hospital for the treatment, the doctor has responsibility not only to treat his health problem like poisoning but also should advice for a psychiatric consultation because the suicide tendency in any person is a mental problem and should be managed effectively to prevent future problem. If the doctors and the school management acted with some responsibility this sad incident could not have happened.

  2. GKR my dear friend i m very sorry nd sad also what was happen at eydhafushi ......but the thing iz doctor's already advised for psychiatric consaltaion nd even it was clearly explained to the school comunity regarding this all prb was going before.......R.I.P Shatish

  3. That community has a history of harassing teachers. Not all, but some in the school and the community had been spreading rumors in the island for a while. If you look at the website you can see that how they were spreading stories about this poor teacher. If he was in a relationship and people didn’t like it, there were other ways to stop it. Instead, they have been spreading rumors, destroying the morality of a person and eventually leading to his death. Hope the police will investigate those who created the rumors.

    Also counselling should be offered to these idiots and someone should tell them how to treat people who are sad and depressed.

    In most of the islands in Maldives, expat teachers work on their own. If there is a crisis, most of the other teachers avoid them, as they are afraid of the consequences. Pretty sure it has happened here as well, otherwise the poor fellow will not have got a second chance to do it. The news says he is a popular teacher among islanders. Looks like his close friends all deserted him at the time of crisis.

  4. I wish i knew what the cause was... I beleive for a person to become delusional enough to commit suicide will be backed by a stronger cause. I think better high lighted so that pple know.. RIP.

  5. The school management should take the responsibility! They were spreading rumors and always taking him to the office and given' advice. Should have been that girl. This teacher was a good man, may god bless his soul!

  6. from a tiny islands more problems frm the girls also. specially from expact girls, if a bachelor man is living in here with avoiding their country nd family surely some expact ladies r going to love them, concerned to tiny islands love will be more truthfull form the boys side, after the girls going to their own countries for vecation then they r meeting new guyz nd loving them nd comin back. for a fun they wll countinue wid previous one like a acting, after he ill realize all their relations the maan only wll be n saaad, if he s n onother place like anytohr cities he cn go somewhere fr a mind refreshment, but here cant do such types, then those guyz clling them nd going to them again. then their love wont be truthfull.. atlast thse types men's only getting saaad... have one request to specilly nurses (not all),, dnt look a expact guy who not married.. otherwise should be truthfull.

  7. Absolutely unfortunate incident. Yap these islanders are best in making and spreading rumors.But no evidence still for people far away from eydhafushi. Wish a comment from an expa of Eydhafushi.


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