Local boduberu artist Meyna Hassan arrested in drug-related case

Famous local Boduberu singer and close ally of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ‘Meyna’ Hassaan Mohamed has been arrested over a drug-related matter.

‘’It was a drug related case and at the moment we are not disclosing further information,’’ confirmed a police spokesperson. ‘’He was arrested last week.’’

A close friend of Meyna Hassaan told Minivan News that he was “not a bad person” who was also working in a good job when he was arrested.

‘’He likes to sing but sometimes gives up his career and grows his beard and becomes a religious person,’’ he said. “Then later he might give up being religious and start singing again.’’

An MDP Official said that Meyna Hassaan was a normal member of the party but had contributed his talents to the party on several occasions.

He responsible for composing the theme song for the MDP Local Council Election Campaign, and a song for the campaign of MDP MP Alhan Fahmy.

In September last year another famous Maldivian musician, reggae artist Haisham Mohamed Rasheed, was sentenced to 10 years prison for use and possession of less than one gram of cannabis.

Haisham, who is also the lead singer of the band ‘Palm Fever’, was arrested with a bag containing cannabis while at a resort to perform a live music show.

The Criminal Court convicted Haisham under Article 4 [a][1] of the Drug Act after he tested positive for cannabis, an illegal substance under the Act. Haisham received five years for using the drug and five years for possession.

President Mohamed Nasheed granted clemency to Haisham and suspended his verdict in March 2011.


13 thoughts on “Local boduberu artist Meyna Hassan arrested in drug-related case”

  1. More disturbing is the fact that the poster says Legend. Seriously dude! WTF were you thinking?

  2. Majority Maldivians over 30 years old will know his problem of drug addiction. He may be talented but this guy needs some help.

  3. Don't worry Meyna, you will be free very soon. You are not the first drug boy to be arrested like this. In the end, you all get away free... Our country has no real order and control of the drug problem.

  4. It must be someone else. Possibly from the adjacent island.

    Hasaan would never do such a thing. Free him immediately.

  5. oh ic meynaa boy..
    god will let you free outtaf jail...
    keep sniffing cocain and Allha will grant you Paradise.

  6. this one goes to the edditor, theres still room for improvement. anyway good job

  7. Musician arrested for possessing hash for personal use. In the meanwhile guys with box cutters and steel bars (remember the trainee imam?) roam the streets killing and maiming passers by. This is the height of hypocrisy.

  8. Good friend of Press Secretary Zuhair and the old friends!! Still friends! Boozers!!


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