Maldives a 99.41 percent Muslim country, claims RISSC report

The Royal Islamic Strategic Research Centre (RISSC)’s report into the global state of Islam has described the Maldives as a 99.41 percent Muslim country.

RISSC is an independent research entity affiliated with the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, an international Islamic non-governmental institute headquartered in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The calculation is a collation of research by Dr Houssain Kettani – who identifies the Maldives as a 100 per-cent Muslim nation – and the Pew Research Center, a Washington-based nonpartisan research body claiming to “promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs.”

The PEW Research Centre’s Forum on Religion estimates that of the Maldives population of 395,921, 389,586 are Muslims, equating to 98.4 percent or a non-Muslim population of 6335.  The RISSC report averages the two figures and arrives at 99.41 percent, or a non Muslim population of 2335.

State Islamic Minister Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, described in the RISSC report as one of the world’s top 500 influential Muslims ‘administrative’ category, said according to the constitution of the Maldives the country was a 100 percent Muslim nation.

”The world should know the appropriate information about Maldives before publishing documents about Maldives. Everything in the Maldives is conducted in accordance with the constitution,” Shaheem said.

According to the Maldivian constitution all citizens are required to be Muslim, and the country is always described as a “100 percent” Muslim country.

In late May, famous religious scholar Dr Zakir Naik visited the Maldives and delivered a sermon in the capital Male’. During a question-and-answer session 37 year-old Mohamed Nazim stood up and declared himself “Maldivian and not a Muslim”, to which Dr Naik replied: “So 100 per-cent minus one.”

Nazim’s declaration angered the 11,000 strong crowd, and he was escorted from the venue by police and officials from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs amid calls for his execution.

After two days of religious counselling in police custody, Nazim appeared before television cameras at an Islamic Ministry press conference and gave Shahada – the Muslim testimony of belief – and apologised for causing “agony for the Maldivian people” and requested that the community accept him back into society.

Police submitted his case to the Prosecutor General’s office earlier this week, which is currently deciding whether to take the former apostate to the Criminal Court.

In July, 25 year-old air traffic controller Ismail Mohamed Didi was found hanged from the control tower of Male’ International Airport in an apparent suicide, after seeking asylum in the UK for fear of persecution over his stated lack of religious belief.

“Maldivians are proud of their religious homogeneity and I am learning the hard way that there is no place for non-Muslim Maldivians in this society,” Didi wrote in a letter to an international humanitarian organisation, dated June 23.

Maldives in RISSC’s top 500

Alongside Sheikh Shaheem, President Mohamed Nasheed features in RISSC’s list of most influential Muslims “for being one of the most environmentally conscious state leaders in the world.”

“In the earliest stages of his political career, Nasheed was imprisoned for his criticism of his country’s government and became an Amnesty Prisoner of Conscience,’’ said RISSC. ‘’Today, Nasheed has [pledged] to make the Maldives carbon-neutral within a decade by moving the country’s energy reliance to wind and solar power only.’’

Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, who visited the Maldives in May to deliver a sermon at the invitation of local NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf, was listed under ‘Media’.

RISSC described Philips as “a notable convert and Islamic scholar, Philips is founder of the virtual educational institution Islamic Online University and Discover Islam, an Islamic center based in Dubai.”

The report added that “In May 2010, Philips was the subject of a letter-writing campaign in the Maldives which condemned his preaching as a promotion of religious extremism. He was subsequently banned from entering the United Kingdom.”

Dr Naik was also listed in the top 500 under ‘Preachers’. RISSC describes him as “an Indian public intellectual teaching about Islam. He hosts huge public events where he speaks on Islam, highlighting misconceptions and promoting understanding about the faith.”

RISSC also noted that in June 2010, “Dr Naik was banned from entering the United Kingdom due to ‘unacceptable behaviour’. His public statements on terrorism and Osama bin Laden have contributed to his reputation as a controversial televangelist.”

His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, tops the list of most influential Muslims.


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  1. Ahmed wrote "The Prophet did not accommodate such persons in the same way he accommodate people of other faiths." How did he not accommodate them? Surely the Prophet (PBUH) of Allah (SWT) didn't kill people, did he?

  2. Maldives is 100 percent human not Muslim. Maldivian people worship different Gods. Some don't believe in any god. Why do we try to force a false identity on us. You can declare a man to be a woman? But will that change reality?

  3. I feel sad for the Maldivians. Oppressed, depressed, a-dot-on-the-map, with nothing worth talking about.

    This is the only entertainment you guys can get. So go on. Please enjoy...



  5. Why do we take so much pride in this 100% nonsense? Says more about our psyche as a nation than the reality on the ground.

  6. @Fasy on Fri, 3rd Sep 2010 1:30 AM

    On Fasy! Dont you know? They now allow whole countries into heaven? Its not individual merits any more.

    Maldives is leading the way...By being among the most vulnerable, hence the first one to be wiped off the earth.

  7. I wish i was born to a country with the freedom of religion/belief.

    I was born to a Maldivian Muslim mother and father but does it mean i should be a Muslim? you can try to force me/us but that wouldn't change me/our beliefs.

    Lets make it easier for u think. Imagine the Maldives being overtaken by non-Muslim terrorists and they forcing you to be a Christian/Hindu/Buddhist. if did convert you would be stoned to death or beheaded. How would you feel then? you are already Muslim even if you pretend to be any other religion.

  8. Histo: as if this is your own country!?. i have the same right as u to tell u to get the %&^%& out of this country, and remember we were originally Buddhists, NOT MUSLIMS. (what a joke are we now.)

  9. heck on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 1:37 PM :
    It will happen but not in the near future.I would assume around 50 years later. wait till you realize when your kids openly declares that they are gay.

    BTW i am not gay but i respect peoples sexual orientation.

  10. Wine Lover on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 5:28 PM:
    "did he?" haha your a joke for the whole Muslims community.

  11. this is a propaganda by western. We are very strong enough to fight n defend our religion. Insha allah
    We are proud of 100% Muslim

  12. Those Population Figures are absurd ...
    In REality it is quite impossible to stay 100% muslims as population grows and when the country is open to foreign media and the Internet .

    Vetican and Ziaonists has been trying hard to bring Secularism to this Country , Thats the Only reason Conservatives and EU backed Reform Agenda.

    So the Biggest Challenge , Are we to Remain as 100% or 99.99%

  13. i've said it earlier, but here i will say again:
    "100% Muslim Maldives" is a political statement. there's nothing to it more than that.
    Its a political statement made by politicians to try keep the public in control.

    if you play those words in your head long enough you'll probably see what i mean.
    to an individual it does not mean anything.

  14. How can we avoid what we see and why do we have to wait until we get embarrassed to the world or the country been displaced. RISSC report claims, Maldives a 99.41 percent Muslim country. If its false why not prove RISSC we are 100 percent Muslim country. The only choice I believe we have right now is to act upon the reality and fix it or face an unconditional state of illiterate people.

  15. Prophet Muhammad's Treaty With Jews (622 C.E.)

  16. heck is pretty funny.

    He ignores the main part of my post and starts bawwwing about threats.

    And he thinks he can stand in the way when we want results in the form of a free judiciary and an end to the tyranny of the last regime.

    heck, take some advice from Maumoon. When he stood against us, he got his entire life turned upside down. Not even Elvis cosplayers could save his regime. Learn from the mistakes of your predecessors.

    Here's a threat you can fawn over, if you're so desperate.

    "Cry me a river."

    With that out of the way; can anyone here tell me why that poor guy is obsessed with same sex marriages and pink gurus?.

  17. I am a Maldivian, I am a Muslim and I believe in Islam. I have 3 Maldivian friends who don't believe in any religion. As long as they don't interfere with my beliefs they will remain as my friends. People who say that Maldives is 100% Islam are all hypocrites.

  18. hello readers...this is bigest discriminaion ever had in the group of people who is depend on there satisafaction with regard of money and wlth ,as there personal and there own beneifit and selfishenss they have produced this result..but as iam afirm beleiver thts reaaly wrong.since the world has change and all the western non muslim people are now jelious with us..but we are 100%muslim.

  19. for some people this is something to celebrate with a glass of beer!! and we know who they are..right!!.but the bottom line is that, it is not the Maldives as a nation who would be accountable or answerable to the GOD!! so why bother about these percentages...its the individuals who will be judged on their deeds...

  20. Religions creates separation in communities. I mean multiple religions. That is why the constitution is protecting the right to practice a single religion. At least that way the people will have one less reason to fight.

    @Jesus Christ on Wed, 1st Sep 2010 6:44 PM
    I can give video clips of priests of many religions in acts of adultery. The holy Vatican city is an orgy of fags. Even th pope had agreed to this fact a couple of years ago. And the churches haves fathers who abuse small kids. It is nothing new.

    @Devadipa Chandragupta on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 2:17 AM
    We are not interested in u retards who has to thrash bells a hundred times to waken up your gods.

    i don't care who is practicing what religion. Just leave the constitution alone.

  21. Why don't you all ask the "the Great" Stephen Hawking? (Seems someone had invaded his talking machine, and playing around it these days- perhaps the Dawkin & his Team ;).. )
    Only GOD knows what % of Maldivians are Muslims or not. So, just stop this nonsensical 100% or NOT issue and concentrate in the message of ISLAM and: Let those who are mislead know that "GOD Almighty is the originator of all Creations" That includes the Law of the Universe, Law of Science,Law of Gravity and all beyond & within universe,known and unknown to humanity. GOD Almighty only commands "be" and "it is".


    @Ahmed Aliased:
    Why don't you consider taking a "stress release lesson" and for once try to understand your own words and yourself first.

    You are getting sick day by day, brother. Please take some rest and evaluate your mind & heart. ( If you feel like yelling and screaming at us DO it , but just get some professional help [medical] as well)

  22. Maldives will always be 100% islam as the constitution says only muslims are maldivians and as they convert to other religion they will lost the national i.d.

  23. so much for liberation and so much for freedom.
    you must have wished that you weren't born Muslim..

  24. The fact is that Minivan is brought out with intention to make Maldives a secular country and to facilitate the spread of Christianity in Maldives. Minivan, it's founders and writers will write this type of articles and lobby in every possible forum to tear of the social fabric on this nation and make it what they want. There afforts will be supported by the so called "Friends of Maldives", (Is it not related with Friends in Christ?)

    State Islamic Minister Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, being described in the RISSC report as one of the world’s top 500 influential Muslims ‘administrative’ category is also a part of the game. Shaheem is a Mullah who will do anything for worldly positions and fame. Maldives has hardly a 400,000 population and there are villages in India with higher numbers and there are Muslim leaders in those villages who influence over millions of Muslims there. None of them are honoured with such positions. The only thing Shaheem did was calm down the uproar that came against selling liquor in inhabited islands of Maldives. That day there were plans to come out on a protest after Friday prayers. If it went on as was planned after Friday prayer, the procession would have been alarmingly huge. Shaheem was able to delay it till evening when people will be busy. So those who are the likes of "Minivan People" lobbied and gave Shaheem the "present".

    Nazim, declaring himself as an atheist and another self declares Christian Maldivian hanging himself on the very face of Maldives(On the air-side of the control tower) is well planned and intended to muster international pressure on Maldives to amend the constitution and make Maldives a secular country. The ruling MDP will facilitate this by all means possible as the first manifesto of the party had stated that clearly on it. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will remember that and read that on DO when MDP was declared itself as a political party in exile in Colombo

    I am neither saying that Maldives is a 100% Muslim nation, nor am I supporting the Mullahs. I just expressed the true facts of the game

  25. I hope that the global warming wipes the Maldives. A bunch of intolerent Muslims who make fun of Westerners and are proud of being homogenous (reminds me of one Western regime that tried this idea in the 1930s). When the Maldives flee from the Islands I hope that India and all Western countries will snub them and not allow them in. They will only be allowed to immigrate to Muslim countries which are mostly poor, corrupt and itolerent as they are.

  26. "That is why the constitution is protecting the right to practice a single religion". 100% of the people need protection? One person who states his belief needs to be put to death?

    Welcome to the Maldives ...Obber Alleis!
    Where Nazi's intolerence comes alive!

  27. There may be a little number of non-muslim dogs among foreign workers.The muslim foreign workers can stay here and the kafirs should be exiled in order to make the land clean.

  28. Whats the problem if Maldivian wants a 100% moslem or whatever it is. According to latest report, it was 99.4% of population were moslem.

    Its their house, their place and their land. If outsider dont wanna be moslem, you can always go to Hawai, disneyland or Paris.

    And I saw a christians here trying to provoke about islamic teachings by saying imam having sex with child. Hello bro, in your bible, did mentioned about prohibition of drinking alcohol and adultry. I saw moslem still concern about their original teachings but christians are not on this matter. So better look back to your own stuff.

    For me, it will be an issue if majority maldivians dont want for 100% but the situation is they want what they want.

    So, who are u guys to say that they are wrong, nazi, communist or whatsoever. What made yourself so good to deny others belief?

    World is gettin funny.

  29. Hey Mike, U looks like a superbrain intelligent brilliant people of the world.

    Why not you talk about how American and brits conquered middle east and planted puppets to rob oil from moslem countries.

    Yeah, i did agree that most of them were dumb and poor but its differ than a robber. Being poor is not a crime.

    Who cares about moslem as i dont believe this religion but I can see, western robbers robbed these peoples for many years, gave them bad image, using media and lable them as terrorist. You guys got their oil and resources but never say "thanks buddy".

    Looks what happened to India and Sri Lanka. Whose behind bad rebels? Its westeners. Cant u just accept that u guys westeners were robbers for the past 200 years?

    When a robbers try to teach people about faith and good. Yucks....

    World gettin funny ....

  30. I am Glad to know this 🙂


    and May Allah Bless and Protect Maldives from the enemies of Islam....


  31. If any maldivian does not want be a muslim .

    Get out of Maldives.
    And never come back !!!!

  32. Maldives is a 100% Muslim country whatever you stupid people say because a person who is not a Muslim is not a Maldiveian legally, so a person who freely express his/her not been a Muslim than we can take his/her citizenship away from his/her .......(religonal Freedom is not a human rights its a hulhaguge and non-muslim peoples progegendaa) and you stupid people don't start out shouting saying we are taking human rights.... Actlly we are the people who have the real human right not "hulhagu and non-muslim" Muslim were the people who brought real human right to this world, when this world was in dark ages with no nooru of life and muslims lighted it with nooru.

    So i proudly say Maldives is a 100% Muslim country "Alhamdo Lillahi" may allah keep this country like this forever


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