Police arrest “top drug dealer” in Laamu Atoll

Police have arrested and identified a man they allege is “the top drug dealer in Laamu Atoll”, during a press conference called by  Head of the Police Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Superintendent Ahmed Jinah.

Jinah identified the man as Hassan Yousuf, 26 of Mathimaradhoo in Laamu Atoll.

“Police and society have recognised him as the top dealer in Laamu Atoll, and he has now been caught for the second time,’’ said Jinah. “A recent case involving him is in trial, and he was again caught with suspected narcotics.”

Jinah said Yousuf was in police custody and the court had granted an extension of his detention to 10 days.

“The atolls are lately being used by the drug traffickers for transportation and establishing hideouts,’’ Jinah said. ‘’We have conducted special operations in the islands to curb the number of users and dealers, which is hard and challenging due to the low numbers of police officers in the atolls and large areas [to cover].’’

Jinah said police had observed that Addu Atoll, Laamu Atoll and Noonu Atoll were being used by dealers and users for transportation of drugs and the construction of  hideouts.

“We do not consider it a failure of police when the courts declare that charged persons cannot be convicted due to lack of evidence,’’ he remarked. “Sometimes when we appeal to the higher courts they invalidate the lower court’s verdict after considering the evidence presented as adequate.’’

Jinah said that police only accept an investigation as failed “when the highest authority in justice declares that the charged person cannot be convicted due to lack of evidence.”

“Police do not have the authority to criticise a court’s decision,’’ he added.

He also noted that although this was the holy month of Ramadan, drug-related crime had not decreased.


17 thoughts on “Police arrest “top drug dealer” in Laamu Atoll”

  1. Police may not have!
    But we do have an authority over our country and our future! Don't we?

    Lynnch the courts and who ever is caught!

    Some LAWs are tailor made to suite people such as the FORMER PRESIDENT and his gang of thieves!

    It is time for people to act!

  2. why is that Police is running after the same person while "there are more bigger cartels than this so called fulha dhaairaa eh gaa kuraa meehaa"? this is the second time im getting the news of some dumb-nut from laamu atoll arrested and labeled as a fulhaa dhaairaa ehgaa kuraa meehaa~!!! jina don't you think it's kinda amusing while label these small time peddlers as cartels while most of the maldivians knows whose running these business ..!!!

  3. Do you expect anyone to believe that this small little clown fish is some big yellowfin tuna or big shark of the Maldives drug dealing world... The Government can't bust the kingpins as promised, so they arrest these smallfry and make out like they got some Mr. Big. Question is... WHY?

  4. ah, the same old headlines... "top drug dealer caught" and soon will be followed by the headline "top drug dealer freed by the court due to lack of evidence"...

    if your caught with drug, ur in violation and u have to face the penalty...its in the law, why cant they execute the damn thing... and this dude is caught for a second time while the previous one is still pending at court.. go figure

  5. Well, well, lets see how soon this guy is back out on the streets to peddle his drugs. We have the fastest revolving door Courts of any country!

    The Police need to learn from the previous cases and present viable evidence and not just a wad of cash or some other secondary evidence. The harder the crime, the harder it is to prove them.

    This is amply evident in Islam. You cannot sentence a man for murder or adultery unless very stringent criteria has been presented as evidence. This is only natural. Hard crimes have harsh punishments so they have to be proved beyond a shred of doubt.

  6. Why can't we exercise our right to clean the country of this shitty business.

    Execute them. For all the holy crap that we rant about, why cannot we, for once, look at Saudi, Turkey, S'pore in discouraging drug business.

  7. jina you can fool the government by arresting some small time peddler but not the public, remember that we the Maldivians are very much aware of these daily crimes and their connection, we have changed 30 years of tyranny in to party democracy, and sooner or later we we'll see some genuine competent people leading the drug war in this country.. government must take the responsibility in keeping this incompetent power hungry shameless head of drugs jina in that position .. thank you

  8. If the current "Tom & Jerry" strategy isn't reviewed by the leadership: Surely the nation will fall deeper into darkness:

    Criminals, corrupt elements, and collectively if all evils isn't contained this nation may fail while trying to adopt a system incompatible to this nation.

    May Allah guide the leadership and the whole nation to the correct path.

    In Allah Almighty We Trust

  9. Dont worry the man will go free. After all this country is the HOME of the rich and wealthy. Drug peddlers or dealers have money. So they can buy anything even people. If we caanot live in the country go and settle elsewhere that what most are doing today.

  10. We have yet to catch the top drug leaders of the country. And we all know some are in politics and the parliament. Former President’s bodyguard is known to be one of the major drug smugglers and was forced to join MDP in exchange for his freedom. Police still haven’t investigated the alcohol cases found in Reeko Moosa’s car.

  11. Man just legalize this stuff. And tax them till their pants drop.
    Now legalization works, see Portugal for example. It raises awareness and safer for the users as well. I know some will point out the obvious drawbacks of this, but how long has the drug war gone on. And better funded battles have been raging on all over the world but with no apparent decrease in buyers or sellers, just a lot more blood spill and fuller jail cells. We need to have a look outside the box.
    And I agree with aharen, I m looking forward to the next headline, "Top Drug Dealer freed by the court due to lack of evidence”

  12. the Criminal Court doesnt think there are drug dealers because whatever evidence state submit is simply "not enough" evidence... another drama is just about to begin...

  13. if police already know before that hi is drugs diller how it is possible to "he has now been caught for the second time"such person must be in jail for a life time or police must eliminate him from the earth by death squad
    other way we can see that after 20 days he will be free and innocent because a big bribe was given to the courts hehehehe

  14. it would be good, if the police, at least, tries a plausible ploy.

    Everyone would laugh at the claims that this is a drug lord.

    Jokes aside, really, who are you trying to fool?

  15. Yameen must be the guy who motivated this guy in the first instance. He needs to be apprehended.


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