Maldivian passport stamped ‘security concern’ in India, says Adhaalath Party

The Adhaalath Party has claimed that Maldivians traveling to India have begun face difficulties while in transit, following an article in ‘The Week’ magazine alleging the involvement of Maldivians in the Mumbai bombings.

Adhaalath contends that the article, which interviewed government officials and labelled Sheikh Illyas and Sheikh Fareed as “hate preachers”, will create “many obstacles” for travelling Maldivians and those living in India.

Today the party produced an image of a Maldivian passport stamped with a warning by Indian immigration that due to security concerns the bearer could only visit to India after two months.

Adhaalath Party noted that it has recently warned that such things would happen because of the interview senior government officials gave to ‘The Week’ magazine.

In the article, Ahmed Muneer, Deputy Commissioner of the Maldives Police, acknowledges that “our radical preachers are enjoying street credibility and radicalisation is visible at the street level. It’s a problem for us, but things would aggravate if the radicals get integrated into Maldivian politics.”

The Adhaalath party claimed that during the interview, “Dr Shaheed said that scholars were delivering lectures with the intention of earning money, and that only a few people attended religious protests because they wanted to go to heaven.”

”As a result of this [article], religious scholars in the Maldives will face many obstacles locally, and it will also affect Maldivian families living in India,” said the Adhaalath Party.

”Due to irresponsible comments by senior officials of the government, tourism in the country will also be affected,” warned the party earlier, accusing the President of “fabricating” statements concerning scholarly freedom in the Maldives.

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has also previously raised concerns about the impact of ‘The Week’ article.

“Apart from the threat of being arrested and interrogated by authorities abroad and being kept under surveillance by foreign governments, the government’s action may create obstacles and insecurity for the Muslim religious scholars and the people of Maldives in travelling abroad,” the Foundation said in a recent statement.

“We also call the government to stop stereotyping the people of this country with the hope of getting financial benefits from the enemies of Islam. We also urge the individuals involved in such acts to get repent and return to the Path of Allah,” it added.


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  1. so MDP have a style for commenting? what next? DRP has a style for being snobs, and everyone in adhaalath has a beard?

  2. @Ramzee Laqab
    Thanks for this helpful advice, but I've been reading it for years and haven't once seen them trashing Islam or speaking ill of Islam. If they did, I'm sure we would have heard about it. What I have read from this website is good progressive and factual journalism, something that is lacking from most of the other biased garbage out there. I think maybe it's you who should go read some more 🙂

    "EVERYTHING and ALL THINGS that happen in Maldives, that are related to Islam either directly or indirectly will be reported here. But bigger issues such as the undemocratic acts of the hooliganis of MDP will not be reported here."
    Of course they will be reported here. They're news stories after all aren't they! That doesn't mean they're speaking ill of Islam silly. There are all kinds of bigger issues reported here every day, most of them revolving around politics of all the parties, the election, corruption, drug hauls, protests. And I'm sure these hooligans that you speak of are not all MDP, you sound a little one sided to me.

    Also, please tell me, what does MDP commenting sound like to you then? That's hilarious. Bravo

  3. Dear Minivan News, Why isn't this post under the "Recent Headlines" column on the front page?
    Finding the article from the Archives is a bit difficult. Is this post deliberately hidden?

    @ omaigaad

    I didn't say 'style' of commenting. I said the vews expressed here by many commenters, conform those of MDP people.

  4. Good. It's time some intolerance from others are also realized, recognized, and felt by us as well.

  5. @Ramzee Laqab on Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 9:43 PM

    I am very pleased to see the suspicion planted in you, by us mullahs, materializing into downright paranoid delusion

    A very good trait we want to see in all our followers

  6. @ Adhaalath, JUS and IFM

    On the request of Maldivian govt, India helped in evacuation of 120 stranded Maldivians from Cairo (mostly students). This is good neighbourly attitude.

  7. @zeenath

    "On Indian helping us"

    I wonder how many of those that would actually realize that. And appreciate that there are good people other than the people of the books too.

  8. @ confused

    "Also, please tell me, what does MDP commenting sound like to you then?"

    It sounds something like the following:
    "India has got GUTS to take action against hate preachers. Hats off!"
    Instead of realising that an unqualified and inexperienced MDP official blabbered irresponsibly, you are supporting them.

    "What I have read from this website is good progressive and factual journalism, something that is lacking from most of the other biased garbage out there."

    Such articles are too few and too far in between on this website. But I can understand. Your smily face shows that you are seeing through the colour yellow. So everything will look yellow to you.

    @ Mullah Umar

  9. India should have banned the entry of hate preachers from the banana republic....aka Maldives....years ago. The preoccupation with wahabi islam with mean banana republicans....aka Maldivians.... will soon be banned by other secular democratic countries. They will have to travel to KSA, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen and Afghanistan for higher education, medical treatment and shopping....HOW SCARY IS THAT

  10. salam to all bro and sis.. this is very bad who gave interview,this is very much unprofessional and above his job....shiak Ilyas is good man.once i talked to him while i was working maldives. We welcom being muslim and pakistani to shaikhs,maldivian brother and sisters to come here in pakistan if they have any kind of problem


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