Man arrested for child abuse and attempting to rape his mother

A 28 year old man from the island of Kolamaafushi in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll was arrested by police for allegedly abusing an eight year old boy on Friday and later trying to rape his own mother that evening.

Police Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that a man from Kolamaafushi had been arrested in connection with the two crimes but said at the moment police were unable to provide further details as the case was under investigation.

Police atoll commander for Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, Ali Mustafa, said the man was arrested last night around 10:30pm and had a recent record of child abuse. Mustafa said police discovered the man hiding on the beach of Kolamaafushi.

An official from the island office reported the man to police after he was called to the house in the course of his duties and discovered him lying on a bed naked with the child, watching TV.

Before he was arrested by police the man attempted to sexually assault his mother, the official said.

The woman jumped out a window and escaped to a nearby house, pursued by her son.

”[He] ran after her naked and tried to enter that house,” the official said, ”but a man from the house protected the woman.”

The neighbour was injured in a scuffle with the man, he said, while the woman suffered scratches to her neck.

Deputy Minister for Health and Family Mariya Ali said the ministry had received a report of one of the two incidents “but ‘would not like to mention which one.”

”These types of cases been occurring for a long time,” she said, ”but people have been very hesitant to inform [the authorities].”

She said to prevent such incidents from happening the ministry needed the help of the community.

”In every case there is someone from the community who know about it,” she said.


6 thoughts on “Man arrested for child abuse and attempting to rape his mother”

  1. This is shocking and saddening.

    I am totally assured that one of the most beautiful things in this world are newborn human babies.

    It's hard to believe some of those lovely little creatures could grow up to become a person who would commit this kind of callous, revolting acts.

    This man must have experienced a hard and believable life to become such a person.

    I would also like to believe that the man was under some kind of influence when he performed these immoral acts.

    Though none of these reasons are acceptable.

  2. was this man high on any drug? any past history of substance abuse/previous crime report?? does any one know?

  3. What's happenning to our society, Now we are comming face to face with Mother F****rs.. This type of people are a breed of Islamic Extreemism. They should be put to corrective centers and Extreemism of all forms Religous Political and other social forms should be curbed in our society

  4. Oh! shutup Baburu Ali - don't try to make a bad situation worse.
    There are better chances of him being gay or atheist than being religious!
    You are purposefully trying to molest Islam -why?


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