MNDF helping 39 homeless following Saamiliyya fire disaster

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) officials are providing assistance to 39 people who have become homeless after a serious fire incident that burned down Saamiliyya, a residential building in Galolhu ward.

After the incident last week, the landlord and those living in the property paying rent were left homeless and were relocated to the Social Centre in Maafannu, a building mostly used for sporting purposes and other recreational activities.

MNDF officials have set up partitions and provided mattresses and blankets for those left homeless after the fire.

Male’ City Council told local media that the council had decided provide all assistance possible to those affected by the fire, including financial assistance.

Saamiliyya was destroyed occurred last Thursday, and two people were hospitalised as the blaze burned the residential building to the ground.

Residents of neighboring houses and furniture store Allora were also impacted by smoke from the blaze.

MNDF Spokesperson Major Abdul-Raheem told Minivan News the residents of the destroyed down house were now being looked after by Male’ City Council.

‘’We provided them blankets, mattresses and other necessities to make the place adequate,’’ said Abdul-Raheem. ‘’The list of homeless people initially had  39 names on it, later some amendments were made.’’

He said the MNDF was  now doing a damage assessment.

‘’It will take like two more days to determine the total cost of the damage,’’ he said. ‘’The police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.’’

Meanwhile local newspaper Haveeru reported the landlord’s suspicions that the fire incident was an arson attack by a relative disputing how the property was to be divided.

A woman currently living in Social Centre told the paper that she had lost everything she had gained throughout her entire life.

‘’I was able to save nothing. Clothes, household items or documents – none whatsoever,’’ she told Haveeru.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said it was too early to state whether the incident was an arson attack.

‘’We are investigating the case and  waiting for the incident report from the MNDF. We will refer to it and determine the cause of the fire,’’ he said.

Few non-commercial properties in the Maldives are insured.


5 thoughts on “MNDF helping 39 homeless following Saamiliyya fire disaster”

  1. I, as an individual thank the assistance provided to the victims of the incident by of Male City Council and MNDF. However, I wonder what the role of Disaster Management Center when it comes to these kind of disasters. I wish Minivan News Could elaborate on its role here.

  2. Thanks for the MNDF team, for helping this.

    I think this is first you are doing a actual work for the community.

  3. The role of the NDMC would be to sit back and enjoy the ride 😀

  4. @ ibrahiim what about last year when Addu when the islands got flooded and also relocation of Dhuvaafaru. They have done actual work for the community many times.

    THANK YOU MNDF for all you have done for us including this

  5. Its good to hear tha Male’ City Council is there to help the victims of Samiliyya fire. May God bless the victims and thankfully people survived.

    When the fire burnt down Orchid , even after 2 months since then not even when person from Male’ City Council , MNDF or Disaster Management Centre asked about the welfare of the family. why????


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