IFM expresses concern over “increase in sinister crimes”

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM), led by Ibrahim Fauzee, has expressed concern over the “increase in sinister crimes occurring in the Maldives’’ and has called for implement harsh penalties to be applied to those who commit such crimes.

The IFM said the reason for the rise in crime was that Islamic Sharia had not been implemented. Furthermore, verdicts delivered by the judges were not being applied, and convicted criminals remained at large, the IFM said.

“It is very concerning that many new-born babies are being found abandoned, many children are being abused, and crime against women is increasing as well as assault and murder,’’ said the IFM, condemning all such actions.

The IFM said the reason why theft, robbery, assault and murder cases were increasing was due to the easy availability of drugs in the Maldives, and called on the government to stop the importation of alcohol and other drugs.

The foundation also called on the government to administer the penalty, mentioned in the Islamic Sharia, to those who produce and sells drugs.

“We call on parents to be protective of their children and to keep them away from persons who have records of child abuse, and especially do not send female children anywhere without a parent,’’ said IFM.

The organisation assured that it would “fully cooperate to curb the rising crime rate.”

Three abandoned infants have been found dead in Male’, Hulhumale and Villingili this month, and three women arrested in connection with the deaths.

On May 5 a dead infant was found in a plastic bag in the swimming track area of Male’. A medical examination later concluded that the baby had sustained cuts, bruises and other wounds.

On May 21, the corpse of a premature baby boy was discovered inside a Coast Milk tin on the island of Villingli.

On May 22, the body of a newborn baby boy was discovered in a park in Hulhumale’. The infant was found with underwear tied tightly around his neck, the most likely cause of death according to the hospital.


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  1. @Bjorn

    There is a hole in your brain, which is growing bigger and bigger.

    Patch it before its not too late. You are running away from truth. You are disturbed very much, I guess you need mental help, seek it puhleeeze

  2. JJ... you either forgot to moderate and publish all my comments or you left it out on purpose... either way... that not great journalism... we call it censorship...

    and i wasnt being abusive in those comments... i was merely stating facts... and facts are considered offensive by these stupid muslims...

  3. Dear Smoky lungs and Bjorn:

    I dont care if you are an atheist, or what ever you believe. i can live with you in these islands. I accept your right to believe what ever you want as long as it does not infringe my rights. I accept your right to speak from and of your beliefs as long as it is done with compassion. I have no right to challenge your belief just because I am uncomfortable with it, which i am not. If you are uncomfortable that im a muslim, i ask you to reconsider.

    We can get along very well you know. Tolerance is a value taught by islam, but its not something islam owns as such. We can be tolerant with and without islam.

  4. I wish islam would stop playing the victim all the time! It is islam that oppresses and represses us all and the nerve of you, Skeptical Inquirer, to ask for compassion! tsk tsk. Islam will not hesitate to kill me on the spot because I am against their belief system. I'm putting my foot down on this one. ISLAM IS NOT THE VICTIM! I AM!

  5. my reply to musician was not posted on this thread, and this is "minvan news"? (freedom news) not so free after all eh?

    here is the comment that was not posted on this thread

  6. @musician

    hole in my head? no that was when i did't question.

    Maldives is under threat by sharia, this is what we all should look to, not to each other, this Ibrahim Fauzee who is the leader of IFM was locked up in Guantanamo Bay!!! does this not bother anyone of you? at all? and he is trying to bring in the sharia, waiting to jump at any opportunity. our nation is under threat by those who believe that terror against infidels are Allah's wish.

    look at our country, there are musicians but always been criticized and damned by the religious views, does it not help keep the youth away from drugs? give em something to do? or your saying that music and drugs goes hand in hand?

    we have artist oh yes, recently a gallery featured human figures, which was a great day for maldivian art, do you ever ask why is drawing a human damned? never thought about it? if you did, WHY??

    are there any sculptors in maldives? and heyo nuvaane that is not creating idols, something to worship, or something that challenges ALLAH!!

    our community is being suppressed by so many restrictions, and in the midst chaos erupt, why cant women wear sleeveless blouse's? for crying out loud they are not naked, and no they are not asking for it. this mentality only comes becos of islam.

    what about the hndi drama's that has become the drug of the elderly and young? it never talks about anything other than personal emotion and butt hurts, most of our society thinks like that!!! they cant talk about anything with getting emotionally involved in it in the wrong way!!!! and what does the TV show feature?? BAGWAAN!!! the religious rituals of Hinduism the holiday, the occasions, these are being taught to even the kids, the kids are watching cartoons about gnash!!!

    if you wanna do something lets do it with morals and ethics, not as hypocrites. you oppose sharia, that is opposing islam, thats the rule, so you gotta understand that in this situation its better to be real than a hypocrite

  7. @Bjorn

    "“yeah killing and raping was when they were at war, so i guess its ok” WTF??? so what if we had to go to war are we to follow the Quran?".
    When did I say that? I have already said you have problem of digesting everything, so please read line by line. I am shocked to know that you didn't find anything from Quran regarding the war. It was there, I am such a fool to expect you to find that.
    The other things that you have mentioned are complete nonsense.
    I believe deep inside your heart you knew that you are lying to yourself.
    I am pretty much sure when you read Quran translation you will come across most of the things that you said regarding lying, war and everything else that you mentioned.
    Bcaz you are imperfect thats why you are questioning it. The problem is not the Islam. The problem is that you are imperfect. You and me and everybody else agree this right?
    Why do you want to drag others with you to the hell, do you need a company in there, I am pretty sure you find billions from there to accompany you. The saddest part would be you will not get time to think abt them. So sad, huh
    Everything you said regarding the earth is wrong; there isn't a single verse that says earth is flat. I think you have misunderstood, that was mentioned in the bible and it was a famous case. Pls get your facts rights.
    "i want her to question. i want her to have the freedom to choose, the freedom to speak, the freedom to think".
    Oh oh!! You are so contradicting. Check your blog it says something else. You said you want your child to believe what you believe. Does that mean she has a choice? I don't think there she has a choice and freedom. Right?
    There was a time in history Muslims enjoyed all the power and might and they were so advanced in every field but for all the wrong reasons they forgot to live according to the Qur'an and Hadith. They were busy fighting each other and Romans took everything from Muslims. The scientific advancement that you see today is the work of Muslims. There is evidence to support this.
    I guess somebody kept you so dark for many years so that you forgot theres something called "History"
    What you see today in Maldives is what man mad government brings to you. We are so at peace we afraid to work alone in the broad day light. Rape, theft, gang fight almost nothing, never happen in the Maldives. We are at peace, we are afraid to send our kids to school. We don’t need that kind of peace.
    Are you living in the Maldives that we live or theres another place called Maldives where you live? I am confused. What kind of peace and harmony that you are talking about? Can you explain that?. Ok I will give a link of a famous newspaper in the Maldives where I live, You will know how safe and peaceful this Maldives is compared to yours.
    Google the word “haveeru”.

  8. @ fandiyaaru Kakuni:

    After i wrote all that, all you can do is zero in on one word, meaning you did not get any of what i was saying.

    @ all the fighting atheists here:

    If you guys and mullahs fought, it would be with the same weapons, with the same tactics and with the same ideas, with the same im right ur wrong attitude. Its just a different cause.


    im done here.

  9. musician

    We are imperfect and that is why we question islam?

    dude... the quran is the biggest plagiarized work in history... that is imperfect!!!

    and you being the fool that you are, believing in islam and all that, think the contradictory quran is the best thing in the world..

    you my friend is the fool...

  10. musician

    can you prove that the scientific advancement that we see today is the doing of muslims?

    name 10 muslims that contributed to the scientific advancement of human kind..

    dont be daft you idiot..

  11. @Skeptical Inquirer: i zeroed in on one thing because this entire conversation has been had before and I don't want to keep repeating myself or others.

    this gets old and fast!

    i'm out! (figuratively and literally)

  12. @ musicians

    you dont know islam do you? have you read any of it? there are muslims debating that the earth is flat even today in Iraq, i know its embarrassing, and you also say the earth is the shape of an egg, if you even search the Quran index i have given you you might have seen it.

    but instead just like all muslims deny, and attack personally to who ever is telling you the things you dont wanna hear.

    read your Quran and Hadith, that all i can say at this point.

    and my unborn's is not your concern, you failed to notice the part where i mentioned that maldives to have a diverse education system that cover arts and evolution, i guess this is where every muslim fails cos they tiny brains cant comprehend with this fact.

    and i am a maldivian i live in male, so i dont have to google, for haveenru LOL (i think it was mentioned im a maldivian)

    anyways today all islamic states are failed states, and there is no science in islam, just plagiaries modern science to fit it to Quran.

    again, read the islamic history with some common sense not as it is so holy that you cant question it, thats being imperfect. not people who hunger for knowledge, and research beyond what we are told to do so, its is us who took the step and questioned the almighty islam. you cant, thats not making you perfect, but rather submit, no question ask'd, blind faith. and believe in in this world there is not advancing from that.

    you live in fear of hell, you believe in fairy tales, we dont, that makes us free from the mind cage islam had held it in, you know this to be true.

    the difference between me and you is, you say "we are Allah slaves and we do what he ask's us to do"

    we say "why? why is that?"

    when you question you learn more, and if you wanna learn more, your alive.

  13. @Bjorn

    The index that you have given me doesn't say anything about, the earth is flat or egg shape. Even I didnt say its egg shaped.

    "but instead just like all Muslims deny, and attack personally to who ever is telling you the things you dont wanna hear"

    I dont if you can prove that. I am pretty much open to listen but I am not going to listen you caz you are liar and you know that too. To prove what you believe you have distorted verses from the Quran. Once again pls check the verses that you mentioned.

    "and my unborn’s is not your concern," I was responding to your question, Just chill!!! you are talking abt an unborn, are you psychopath. Read you blog again you will know that I am telling the truth.

    I will never lie to prove what I said is right like you.

    "and i am a maldivian i live in male, so i dont have to google, for haveenru LOL (i think it was mentioned im a maldivian"

    Its not "HAVEENRU" lol..pakaash!!!!

    "when you question you learn more, and if you wanna learn more, your alive."

    I can see how alive you are. You are acting like a mad cow to prove everything you believe. I ask WHY? WHY?. Dont you get enough freedom in Maldives to do what you want, If not why dont you move away to another country.

    You retard pls see the list:-

    1.Al-Khwarizmi, mathematician
    2.Kerim Kerimov
    3.Ibn Sina
    4.Farouk El-Baz
    5.Ibn Al-Haytham
    6.Abu Musa Jābir ibn Hayyān
    7.Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī
    8.Abū al-Hasan ibn Alī al-Qalasādī
    10.Ibn al-Nafis

    Now go and pee

  14. @musician

    awww poor baby, i see you have no idea what islam really is.

    here this is a good start, is you are so open minded i guess you dont believe that the sun sets in a muddy creek, or shooting stars are allah missiles to the jinns, or lighting and thunder is an angel..etc

    but this is what the Quran says, (allah had to relay on a eyewitness to know where the sun set XD)

    ooooh nice list, but i have not seen any of these names in any science journals, or inventors or just had nothing to do with the contribution of science to the world.

    hmm, i guess you really need to learn about islam


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