Police arrest five suspects in Addu City gang rape

Police have arrested five suspects for allegedly gang-raping a 17 year-old girl in Addu City after midnight last night.

A police spokesperson told Minivan News that the incident occurred at about 1.00am.

“Police received information about the incident at about 1.50am,” he said. ”Police are now investigating the case.”

In addition to two minors aged 17, the other three suspects were aged 19, 20 and 23, police said.

According to local media reports, the victim was abducted and taken to an abandoned house while she was on her way to work.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that a man who drove her to work was involved in the rape and took her to the abandoned house.

In a similar case reported in Addu City during November’s SAARC summit, a police officer was arrested on charges of raping a married woman with two other men.


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  1. Those poor boys must have been whipped into this state of uncontrollable urges on seeing the idols!

    Allahu Akubaru! Destroy the idols! Allahu Akubaru! Protect our Dheen! Allahu Akubaru!

  2. Where was a minor employed against the Employment Act? A minor cannot work though be married to start a family.

    Besides, our social system and lifestyle have to change from traditional to modern ways. There must be a law stating the latest working hours rather than maximum working hours. The law must require also that people of age below 35 should not be put on duty at a later hour.

    When the family has failed to discipline its members the society has a duty to do so through institutions. Islam as an institution appears good in that it forbids the female members of the family to leave the house without being accompanied by one of non-marriageable relation to her.

    But this is not a guarantee either; since not few are instances of the father or brother or any other close relative raping the daughter or sister. The solution is that everyone must be a good human being whatever is the rule followed.

  3. I hope the perpetrators of this barbaric action receive sufficient punishment. I urge the Judiciary to act on this. You are destroying your own reputation and credibility among the Maldivian public if you don't.

  4. raajjeyy ga ulhay emme dheen veri meehunna hedhigen SARC summit ge idol eyy echekay meechekay kiyaigen ulhunu meehun mi addoo goobaddaas akeee....mi othy konthaaku jehifa miadhu....raajeyge nubai kame kohfiyya laahike noon addoo meehe nulaa dhaakah..

  5. If you ask the UN Human Rights Chief on her view on this, she would ask that the criminals (rapists) must not be harmed in a violent way as they have their human rights too.

    This is one of the sick twists that UN Human Rights charter has. It gives protection to the criminals so much that, they can drag their court cases based on human rights issues until it finally gets dropped or a low sentence passed once the media spotlight is gone from the case, hence decreasing public pressure to courts to deal with criminals like this with an iron fist.

    Shouldn't the government say something like "Rape me before you rape a Maldivians!" ??

    I hope to hear the same type of courage from the Government and strong angry stance against the rapists they had against what they at the time called extremists, hell bent on creating violence.

  6. Garrot them on the spot.

    They do not deserve rehabilitation; they do not deserve mercy; they deserve death.

    Garrot them or stone them. Do not pray for them.

  7. to Dhivehi Hanguraama
    Do you wear shrunk long trousers? Do you have of of those beards which collect crumbs? You sound such a fascist.

  8. @tsk tsk II:

    Do I really sound like that? Tsk tsk...must lay off on the textbook English now and then.

  9. @AnOthEr on Wed, 4th Jan 2012 9:16 PM

    Surely even an atheist with enough moral content to them could agree with the death penalty being applied to a rapists?

    Or could they?

  10. Its easy to condemn and call to garrot the culprits. What is generally overlooked is the permanent solution which is provided in Islam.

    but before going to the solution let it be said that in the time of sahaaba it was easier to be married and to enjoy the pleasures of marriage in wedlock than out of it. Now in this age and time, Satan has erected so many barriers to marriage and divorce and made a simple contract between two persons a mutual burden of immense proportions. In the Arabian culture we have impossibly high dowries which prevent men from finding suitable spouses. In India we have the opposite of dowry which is usually demanded from the poor girl's family by the boys family. etc etc

  11. Eduacation is missing. Equality is missing. Indoctrination is all over the place. Result is barbarism. Then garrots and blood thirsty come out of the woodwork. What about stopping represion instead?

  12. This is madness! Such incidents wouldn't occur if Islamic Shariah was established here in its full form! Just imagine one rapist being put to death. Every other person who might even think of such a Jewish activity would immediately let go of the thought. If you would like evidence for this, just look at rape statistics from Saudi Arabia, and compare it with Jewish America (May Allah SWT destroy them).

    It is also important to check if the girl was covering her aura, for that has been known to be a significant factor for arousing pious men, who would have otherwise not engaged in the Jewish act of rape.

  13. Sexual violence committed by men is to a large extent rooted in ideologies of male sexual entitlement.
    Sexual aggression is often a defining characteristic of manhood in the group and is significantly related to the wish to be held in high esteem.[5] Sexually aggressive behaviour among young men has been linked with gang membership and having delinquent peers. Research also suggests that men with sexually aggressive peers are also much more likely to report coercive or enforced intercourse outside the gang context than men lacking sexually aggressive peers. Gang rape is often viewed by the men involved, and sometimes by others too, as legitimate, in that it is seen to discourage or punish perceived immoral behaviour among women.

  14. @Idrees

    "Its easy to condemn and call to garrot the culprits. What is generally overlooked is the permanent solution which is provided in Islam."

    Islam calls for the death of rapists. I want them dead. Where is our disagreement?

    While I agree that there should be less barriers to marriage; this does not excuse what they did.

  15. @Sheikh Imran Abdullah

    I agree with you on the part that if Islamic Sharia' was enforced, one rapist put to death will force others to think twice before such an act is committed. However, the question is do we want to deter such crimes by inducing fear and oppressing them or do we want to educate maldivian citizens to properly be able to distinguish what is morally wrong from right?

    I have read ur comments on articles for a while now and I am having a tough time understanding how it makes logical sense for you to jump to "jewish" conclusions all the time. Raping is clearly not a "jewish" activity as you can see from this article that five muslims engaged in the same activity that you call "jewish". Is it fair that rape can now be classed as a "muslim" activity?

    You refer to America as a Jewish state when it was found on Christian principles and majority of Americans follow Christianity (78% of the population). Jews only account for less than 3% of the total American population. You should clearly do some research before you jump to conclusions that you claim are facts.

    Also, it shouldn't really matter if the girl had her aura covered or not; and it is not fair that the girl be blamed for the way she was dressed and subsequently got raped. It is not morally comprehensible that not only one man, but five men, thought it was legitimate to rape the girl who was helpless against these five men. It is the stronger faith and the conscience to tell right from wrong that makes a man pious. Pious men dont just give in when sexual impulses surface, they look the other way and know better than to act out on these impulses, which excludes these men from being a tad bit pious.

  16. This is a serious crime! I hope the victim receives protection and medical and psychological care. I also hope the guilty parties are prosecuted and punished quickly!

  17. death is not the answer.. i want them to suffer. death means instant relief of all earthy bounds like pain, humiliation,despair and all human suffering. until we know what the after life holds we cant speculate death being equivalent to the wicked crimes these have committed on a harmless girl. with spiteful vengeance i'd rather slide jumbo cucumbers,carrots, broomsticks and any other penetrable objects with no aided lubricant up theirs in front of the criminal court. what spectacle that would be for all us sadist.

  18. I wonder why God put the girl at risk here. God knows that He has implanted violent gene in these 5 men (whom God has let astray) and conveniently placed this young girl right in front of them, expecting the men to show restraint?

    What a twisted thought... I am having a hard time understanding the scenario here.

  19. This is what people are respecting Islam and Allah's sayings

    If you are true to Islam then please respect and do not commit such heinous crimes

    One more incident like this will bring the real colours of this country's people

  20. @sheihk Imram

    How inconsiderate and ignorant of you to make raping a Jewish act. In fact most of such atrocities are committed by the so called Qahab Muslims brothers who the horniest bunch of animals in the world today. Its you who are vocal in promoting such evil acts. I suggest you pack your bags and head for where you belong.... Afghanistan.

    And yes Justice needs to be served but first we gotta remove these beards so that the youth are free from corruption of the mind by means of instilling fear and hatred. I don't see any other solution...

  21. @ Hanguraama

    What you want is not automatically granted in islamic sharia. Islamic sharia is not another name for capital punishment by demand.

    I am not in the know about all the specifics of this case in particular but in general if rape is proven against a man who is non-muhsan then he will very likely get death penalty. human life and dignity is jealously guarded in Islam and as such most sexual crimes if proven gets capital punishment in Islam. it is sad that the kuffar does not see the positive side of this and yet they will yearn for capital punishment if someone they love dearly becomes a victim.

    @ all others.
    Please do not respond to the kaafir impostor who writes in the name of sheikh imran. This person is a veritable dhajjal and his only reason to spew this filth is to character assassinate sheikh imran. Their vile philosophy is simple. Repeat the lie till it becomes truth, because they know that most people will not bother checking the facts. So please shun this islamophobe kaafir dhajjal!

  22. @Sheikh Imran Abdullah

    Hey man. You have made your point. Multiple times over. I am sure it is sarcasm on steroids, but the rubber-band may be getting strained a little too much now. Don't you think?

    But then again, without the fundamentals, the whole concept would fall down. Right? Which means, it is all a fabrication...I am sure God could have done better with the messages...

  23. @ Sheikh Imran Abdullah

    Hope U have read and understood what wtf; Ashamed; Ahmed Imran have commented.

  24. @ Sheikh Imran Abdullah

    It's people like you that make this world what it is...you are an ignorant, unhappy, individual that understands nothing but bigiotry and hate. You belong in a cave with the rest of your archaic views. Please crawl back into it and stay there.


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