Police arrest four men for abducting, drugging and gang-raping 16 year-old girl

Police have arrested four suspects for the abduction and gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in a guest house in Male last weekend.

The girl was grabbed by the men while she was walking down the road around midday on December 11, forced into a car and taken to a guest house, Head of the Police Child Protection Unit, Superintendent Ali Shujau told the press on Thursday.

She was drugged by the men and gang raped, he said, adding that the men filmed the crime.

The four suspects were identified by the Police as 20 year-old Azmeel Ahmed of Hithadhooge, Seenu atoll Hithadhoo, 25 year-old Mohamed Azum of White Sea, Seenu atoll Maradhoo-Feydhoo, 19 year- old Ismail Muneez of Maafannu Hiyama and 21 year-old Ahmed Nabeeh Moosa of Maafannu Fennairu.

They all were arrested withing 34 hours after the police were alerted to the crime. All the suspects have previous criminal records for drug abuse and assaults, Shujau added.

According to the police the family reported the crime after the girl went home and told about it. Police did not reveal how the victim reached home.

Shujau noted that the girl could not give a clear statement of the attack, although she identified two of them by their “gang names”. He also added that it is too soon to say whether the attack was directed to her.

A similar case was also reported in March 2010, when group of 15 men abducted, drugged and gang raped a 20 year old girl on the island of Hithadhu in Addu City.

Shujau had earlier told the press that police investigations have revealed that school children aged 14 to 18 were being lured to guest houses by adults.

Police found that minors were sexually abused at guest houses after being lured through the internet, he said.

The reported sexual assaults on young girls, women and even female expatriate workers, has been on the rise at an alarming rate this year.

Police confirmed on Wednesday, that they had arrested four men on accusations of attempting to sexually assault a 15 year-old girl on Nolhivaramfaru in Haa Dhaalu Atoll. The girl fortunately escaped with no injuries, police said.

In October, police arrested two men and a minor on suspicion of raping an Indian nurse working in the island of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll.

In another attack in September, group of five men including the chairman of an anti-drug NGO allegedly drugged and raped a 15 year old girl on the island of Guraidhoo in Kaafu Atoll.

In August police also arrested five men on the island of Innamaadhoo in Raa Atoll for allegedly raping a 16 year-old girl. While in the same month, an Indian gynecologist working at Hoarafushi Health Centre in Haa Alifu Atoll, was also attacked by a group of masked men at her house in August. She fought with the men and was able to escape.

A group of five were also arrested in May, on suspicion of gang raping an 18 year-old girl on Maabaidhoo in Laamu Atoll.

A 74-year-old woman was brutally raped by an alleged 19 year old on Hithadhoo in Addu City. She had to undergo surgery after the incident.

A 2006 study by the then Ministry of Gender and Family found that one in three Maldivian women aged 15-49 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives, while one in five women in the same age group reported experiencing this from an intimate partner.

Moreover, one in six women in the capital Male’ and one in eight countrywide reported experiencing childhood sexual abuse under the age of 15 years.


37 thoughts on “Police arrest four men for abducting, drugging and gang-raping 16 year-old girl”

  1. Where are the goons who would call for flogging her here? I will not be surprised if BA Naseem, in all his wisdom, claim that she must have enjoyed sex with 4 dopers, hence she must be flogged 4 times the usual.

    When one thinks about this, for the Haabees, like the Ali Rameez, the girl being 16, is the prime age and would be salivating with lust!

  2. lets see how many political party's, how many PMs and how many NGOs is outraged of this.

  3. @Ahmed Imran: Thats not a very clever statement. It just proves ur ignorance. The punishment for rapists in sharia is death... Abuse of sharia in some Muslim countries for political advantage in no way proves that sharia itself is wrong.

  4. @Mone: I believe this was precisely the point that he was trying to make. I believe he was pointing out how horribly ineffective the justice system has been, to this day, in administering proper punishment to these people. Like I said in a previous article, I advise you attend Sarcasm 101.

    On a side note, I am also curious as @earlthing says, about how many NGO's and political parties will be outraged and protest about this. This, I believe, is a much more worthwhile protest than the whole 23December facade.

  5. Silly people who try to comment and ask where are the religious ones on this subject, should try to step a few steps back and realize that it is a democracy that they live in, not an Islamic state. Also by an Islamic State, I do not mean one like the Saudi that does have many Islamic laws, but also is run by male gender pride which many Maldivian men also still have. Show me one male MP in Parliament calling for any type of harsh punishment against the attackers? Have you called on lashing against the attackers in public? I for one, would love to see these attackers lashed by the family of the victim and then thrown into prison for many years to what would satisfy the girl. Is not the government in Maldives democratic? If so, why not you go knocking on the doors of your democratic representatives and ask them for justice for this girl until it is received. Or is some just taking a chance to say a few things and leave it at that. That seems to be the way of a few who likes to talk a lot against Islam, yet can in no way give justice to the victim through their democratic system. If you go to the Human Rights NGO's they would be strongly against any type of harsh punishment on the rapists. Wait a sec.. aren't these Human Rights NGOs democratic and does not democracy do everything they can to help the victim? Some years back in Malaysia, the government was going to make public the names of child sex offenders to disgrace these criminals where ever they live in Malaysia, but guess what.. it was the Human Rights NGOs in Malaysia which cried out loud against this move, hence it being scratched out.

    If Islamic law was to be practiced and if a righteous Muslim ruled, yes he would be harsh against those who fornicates, be it the man or women. But when it comes to rapists, the victim is not punished because Islam uses common sense and even during the time or Rasurullah (pbuh), Abu Bakr, Omar Bin Al-Khattab, they would not carry out punishments until they establish the facts from all sides. If Islam was the rule of law in the Maldives from top to bottom, these incidents would not happen with the will of Allah (swt). You may ask why or try to not ask why to save the humiliation to understanding the failure of democracy. Either way, let me enlighten you to why rapes would not happen. Simply because idiots like these rapist would not have the freedom and luxury they have been given in such a nice democratic country.

    In Maldives you have courts which lets criminals walk free. The President wants to play Mr.Nice and think democracy is so great that it will handle everything by itself. Democracy is a failed system eventhough it might have been set up to serve a good purpose in the eyes of many. Than there is lack of transparency which goes from grassroot at political parties, parliament and all branches of Government. Is this the democracy which will protect the rights of the victim. While victims of all types of crimes suffer, political and figures with authority are planning for their long term benefits.. the best part is that the supporters of these parties are brainwashed into believing anything and everything that comes out of their party leaders.

    Islam would take away all this, but ofcourse by a honest and God fearing Muslim. Not someone who can just talk big or has a lot of money. We humans are the weakest in choosing a right person to vote for during election time. We do not realize the magnitude of our decisions until its too late. Even than, some of us try to choose the lesser evil instead of one who is righteous in the path of Allah (swt). Why? because we fear that God's Law would restrict some of our social ills which we have got used to so much. A vicious cycle of depending on democracy due to a little pride or greed.

  6. For a moment, forget protests and all the random moral debates around this issue.

    The Police are starting to do an amazing job with the investigation and detention of those who commit sex crimes in the Maldives. These actions are some of the most heinous actions a man can take. I wish the new penal code was in place. I wish this crime afforded a life sentence, because as far as I'm concerned people who commit rape deserve far worse than a life prison sentence. But our judicial inadequacies not withstanding, let us congratulate and applaud the Police.

    These officers should make every Maldivian proud.

  7. Almost every day now..Is it time to make an example of the rapists??.

  8. Welcome to Anni dhivehirajje where criminals and all the drug addicts are allowed to walk out free without spending their respective times in jails. Th society is a mess because of Anni's policy to protect and give freedom to all these paateys. If we bring the islamic shariah law to deal with these pateys, im sure they would dare to commit such horrible dirty acts.

  9. This is yet another case of satanic possession of these men, due to the girl sexually attracting them. She was probably not wearing the niqab, which is the most effective way to prevent attracting men and causing them to have sexual thoughts while unmarried.

    The girl, should be flogged. She should be flogged for two crimes. One, for having pre-marital sex, and two, for drinking alcohol. I hope many muslims attend the flogging session, as she would be made an example out of. The men should be released immediately, as this is not their fault. The girl, being the female she is (they aren't really as smart as men, and just like how a horse is kept in a stable for safety, should be always kept at home. High school is just another Jewish invention to deviate muslims from the righteous path), should take 100% responsibility for this incident, and I hope that the muslim judge delivers this time. I also hope that he doesn't fall for the trap of gender equality, another jewish ideology, which could essentially prevent him from passing the judgement of flogging the girl for her crimes.

  10. The beardies are strangely quiet on this issue. Where is the outrage? Where are the condemnations? Where are the "defend Islam" protests???

  11. @husen - I agree completely. These actions and basic human/women rights are far more worthy of protest than this "anti-islam" debacle. Some people protest for the sake of protesting and they're not even sure the reason of their protest. I have a feeling several people are going to be Unnecessarily injured during the pending ignorance 🙁

  12. As Salamu Alaykum dear members of the public,

    Sorry for having missed this one, we're busy preventing Israeli terrorist attacks which are being planned under the disguise of tourist arrivals by MDP at the moment.

    Further we're working hard to keep President Nasheed from allowing you people to understand the true meaning of the Quran so that we can take over the government by 2013 and rule the country on behalf of our Arab investors as planned.

    We might be able to find some time to issue our official stand on this alleged rape after our return from a conference called "Religious Propaganda 101 - How to interpret and market historic scriptures to your advantage" which is being conducted by world renown Dr. Joseph Goebbels in Bangkok next week.

    We trust you understand that our schedules and agendas are made based on priorities, and this alleged crime, which soon will likely turn out to be nothing but MDP propaganda, is certainly not one of them.

    Press Office
    Adhaalath Party

  13. Protection or women and children is a fundamental duty of all State...But to read this every other month is just unimaginable....

    Wonder how many MPs and political parties will be enraged over this.

  14. this is what happens in an islamic country where we do not have basic human rights like gay sex and drink alcohol. This would not happen if these guys were given these basic human rights. I blame their actions on the bearded mullahs.

  15. I consider this a very serious crime. How is it possible for four men to bring a 16 year old girl into a room in a guest house without anybody being suspicious? That too in broad daylight!

  16. @Muaz
    Since when do we have a democracy.
    Pretentious BS is not democracy. Our laws are based on Islamic Sharia.

    you do have a point however that we should go knock the doors of those MP and representatives who so easily talk about democracy and ask them why the justice system fail on this one among a multitude of others.

  17. Mr President, please these 4 men must be given a 10th chance, you need their vote. Please release them.

  18. @ Adhaalath: Are u sure that Islamic Shariah is what’s being practiced in the Maldives now from long ago? Ever since I can remember, the courts decide on whom to lock up and who to be released regardless of what’s stated in the Islamic Shariah. Rapists, Murderers, Thieves, drug offenders, people who commit pre-marital sex (Zina) and homosexuality are usually set free by the courts of Maldives. And the reason for setting them free is SAID TO BE due to lack of evidence.
    I wonder how a court judge could see one doing any of the above stated offences to sentence those who commit those crimes.

    Flogging is not the only punishment stated in Quran and Islamic Shariah for the extremist political parties and NGO’s to mumble about. People who steal should get their hands cut. People who commit pre-marital sex and homosexuality are supposed to be stoned to death.

    Islamic Shariah is a huge conception where we cannot just rely on it partly and decide for ourselves on how a punishment for remaining offences should be practiced like it is currently being practiced. The Judicial system in Maldives is so corrupt that they decide on who to punish and who to let go.

    As a Muslim Maldivian Youth, I support the current MDP government and I would never want Adhaalath Party or any party that is so strict on Islamic Shariah to be administered in 2013, 2018 or ever! Coz history will repeat itself again. And this time it’s not going to be small scaled like when it happened to our first President Sumuvvul Ameer Mohamed Ameen Dhoshumeynaa Kilegefaanu. When strict Islamic Shariah was practiced during his administration, it resulted in getting him killed by the masses. I don’t want to see Sheikh Imran or Sheikh Shaheem getting sodomized with a knife by the mob in the end like how Ghazzafi ended! Allah Akbar!

  19. Good article. Not astounding and stretches analogies a bit far but a clever bit of sensationalist reporting.

    People look closer to the facts. The girl was allegedly raped inside a Boarding House. Wouldn't any of the Boarding House staff notice something strange if she was dragged in there against her will? So,

    Point one: Boarding Houses in the Maldives allow persons with questionable intentions to rent out their rooms yet they escape all liability.

    The girl knows two of her assailants by their common names. We cannot say with certainty that this has a lot of bearing on the case, but further investigations might reveal a clearer picture.

    Point two: the alleged "kidnapping" might have been a consensual outing with a male friend or friends.

    On to the issue of the alleged rape. We have to keep in mind that four accused pictured here are suspects and not convicts. So we cannot condemn them publicly unless they are convicted by a Maldivian court of law. There is an alleged video recording of the incident. It might shed light on the alleged rape.

    Point three: No rape has yet been proved.

    The fact remains that an adult having sex with a minor whether consensual or not amounts to statutory rape. However none of us can deny that the facts surrounding this incident will have a bearing on the ultimate punishment meted out to these individuals.

    Point four: Be prepared for more public outrage.

    There are rumors that one of the suspects was released under the governments controversial Dhevana Furusathu program which releases convicted felons into society.

    Point five: The government and the oversight bodies such as the Parliament might have to bear some responsibility for the threat to the public from individuals released under questionable circumstances from prison.

  20. Sexual desire is one the few gifts from God. Humans are supposed to enjoy it in a healthy way.

    The problem with Maldives is people discuss all bad sex acts in the media -like infidelity, child abuse, etc.. when something goes wrong.

    But there is no discussion on addressing the sexual problems that does not make headlines. What about sexual frustrations, due to many factors.

    As an analogy to food (which is also a human desire), food issues make headlines only when some one dies of food poison. No body would talk about safe and healthy food - how to get it, grow it and nurture it.

    Sex should be discussed in a healthy way including sexual problems.

  21. Sex is not a religious issue. But sadly in Maldives it has ALSO become an Islamic issue because the health authorities have FAILED big time to address the problem as an issue of human psychology.

    Is there even a clinic?

  22. And they will flog her. New additions to University are being considered for training of floggers and be-headers. The university is expected to regularly stock up on melons. Floggers can practice on gunny bags styled like a butt with two melons inside...And the be-headers?? They can practice by chopping melons in half...Only those who can halve a melon in one chop will qualify, while the gunny sacks must leak out melon juice by the third blow..etc...

  23. I want to study and obtain a PhD on Flogging and Beheading.

    Can anyone please send me the course syllabus and university module numbers?

  24. This is very sad. does anyone know where we can get stats report of a child/women abuse for 2009 and 2010? and how accurate are the reports?

    I ve heard some child abuse reports are not published by the government for public fear. does anyone know about this?

  25. This is something we all should protest on 23rd December rather than some stupid monuments and religion crap.

  26. @ Iz on Sat, 17th Dec 2011 11:31 AM


    want more?

  27. When 4 men rape a young girl, why does anybody has to start blaming Islam? There are thousands of Muslims, as there are christians and jews in this world.
    Not all Muslim are the same, same as not all christians and Jews are same. So lets leave Islam out of this. And, start blaming the activists.
    It is unfortunate some of us are born to Muslim parents, true, it wasnt your choise, and having trouble finding a way out it. Those who believe Democracy is your way out, well good luck. But happiness and frustration, can be found in all God's religions. It depends on the way you look at it. ITS ALL A MATTER OF ATTITUDE.
    But lets not blame Islams everybody someones rapes someone or child abuse.

  28. Brothers and sisters, the issue is that this has all to do with illegal, nonreligious, i.e sex out of marriage. However this time it is rape?? you may invariably brand it that way !!
    For those who blame Islam and Muslims on this issue, I would suggest them to try hard to introduce Ashkenazic laws instead of Sharia laws here, but then -- be goddam fit not to weep and cry when your gills are gutted out for the Master's self-centered sinister agenda. Be happy, guys!!

  29. thuhumathu kurevey kamei ga photo jahaa bayaku badhunaamu kohlumakee kon kahala kamebba??? can anyone give an answer to that.... i'm Ahmed nabeeh Moosa ( K. Male' M. Fenniru )

  30. Adhi eii hagee gatheh kan ingeny kn bayakah baa????
    Evves investigation eh nukoh kan higi goi neyngi nujehey foto jahaakah...


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