Police arrest HIV positive prostitute

Police have arrested an HIV positive prostitute after she allegedly had sex with several Maldivians.

Head of the Serious and Organised Crime unit Ahmed Saudhy said the 27 year old woman arrived in Male “as a tourist” on 16 January, after travelling from “a neighbouring country.”

Saudhy claimed the woman had sex with several Maldivians, and “earned a large amount of money in a short time”.

He said the woman had admitted that she was a prostitute and police were continuing to investigate the case.

Senior public health officer at the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC) Abdul Hameed said prostitutes were keen to work in the Maldives because there was “high demand” for their services.

He said the practice was dangerous and carried a high risk of HIV transmission, and advised all Maldivians “to stay away from prostitutes who come to the Maldives.”

There were an estimated 34 HIV positive people in the country, ”although records show 14″ he said.

”The best prevention is to be aware,” he said.


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  1. With the growth of intravenous drug use, I'm sure the number is steadily raising higher. Needles are very hard for addicts to get, and sharing them is very common amongst Male's addicts. We don't know how bad the problem is because there is no longer an active program to find out the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Maldives.

  2. and advised all Maldivians “to stay away from prostitutes who come to the Maldives.”
    hahaha so maldivians must use only locals prostitute?very nice advise !!!drugs,heavy crime,prostritution tell me how it can be in 100%muslims country?

  3. His statement gives the impression Maldivians should stick to home grown prostitutes hehe.

    I wonder if any investigations are being done into the conditions face by these women? Prostitution is one of the most common uses for female sex slaves throughout the world. I wonder if any trafficking is going on here.

    That besides, these investigations always seem to culminate in a few arrests here and there. What is being done to understand and solve the bigger picture?

  4. yes brave police can fight only with prostitute but when you need help or yours family under gungs attack no any policemen's near for 5 miles.they afraid to go during night time in some area in Male, to stop night drugs traffic and some of those brave heart policeman involve in prostitutions and drugs business
    no body can protect ordinary peoples. when shops owner under attack- police dissapear but when time to arrest prostitute for political show - hundreds of brave policemans with weapon of mass destruction appear and start heroic fight with single prostitute.hehehehe

  5. Im sure the pro-western supporters in Maldives who are more concerned about growing number of religious people in Maldives are not converned about prostitution since some of them pretty much would like the idea.
    Others would not touch these topics because it shows that when Maldives adopts nonreligious values from western societies and does not follow Islamic moral values, this is what happens to our society. So to them, they only start talking about things which benefits them.

    True a Muslim country should not even have these, but due to so many years of wrong education on islamic moral values in our society, many problems have spread out of control. We all have a blame to share for these. But the best thing about Islam is that once you realize your mistakes and repent, you get a fresh chance. But ofcourse once you realize and sin again, then it is between you and your Creator who is All-Knowing and the best of Judges.

  6. My dear friend, there are much more diciplined pro westerners and infidels in the west than those heavy bearded mullahs in my Male' an other parts of the your wonderful Islamic world.

  7. Maldivians have become super hypocrites. Of course paying for sex may be taboo, but having extra marital affairs are common in our country. There is nothing wrong in it, if it is consensual sex among adults. This has been practiced in our country and it will remains part of our heritage as long as Maldivians are alive.

    Muslim’s are humans as well and they practice bigamy, taking up to four wives simultaneously.

    Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it will remain a lucrative industry. Even ultra extremist Thaliban use underage children as prostitutes so where does the answer to HIV lie. The answer is safe sex.

    Be aware and use a Condom when having sex. Enjoy.

  8. This is exactly why sex education and safe sex need to be thought in school. No amounting of banning or talabanzation is going to stop things like adultery, prostitution or extra/pre marital sex the best we can do is teach safe sex so at least the fools who go do this is some what protected.

  9. Arresting and deporting sex workers wont do a a thing. As the official from CCHDC says there is a high demand for it in the Maldives, so the interventions should be from the demand side. The sex workers are not the problem, they are brought in because people demand it, and if you deport one the replacement will be shipped in the next day. We dont hear of any arrests of the people who visit these prostitutes. The police operations should focus on them.

  10. Hi Muaz MZ, I have seen many beareded mullah from Maldives, Saudi Arabia, etc running after prostititues in Bangkok. Moreover, you go to Grace Hotel in Bangkok and find how mullah are there drinking liquor with prostitutes.

  11. ;););) shad u r right . Talking big police catch PROSTITUTE 😉 then what did police do with that girl have sex where is the girl why not showen her photo why they not inform that girls country where come from why in airport police not check girls who comes from bkk . CMB , tayland , Singapore many many countries still I just write famous ones 😉 police should check passport n if they passport have every country visa 1 to 3 month should ask what u did check whether they have bank account how u live there where from u get money to live ,,,, can found out easy ist prostitute or tourist why dose girls arriving coz in this involve airport people also !!!


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