Police arrests suspected thief who stole Rf100,000 products from a shop

Police have arrested a man suspected of stealing Rf100,000 (US$6500) worth of products from a shop near South West harbor area, according to police.

The man is allegedly stole four cases of Camel Lights cigarettes, 35 cartons of Kent brand cigarettes, 45 cartons of Benson cigarettes, 120 mobile phone recharge cards worth Rf100 each and 100 Rf50 recharge cards, and a number of cans of Red Bull.

Police have not disclosed the name of the person, said he was a 24 year-old male who was arrested while he was trying to sell the cigarettes.

Police said 25 cartons of cigarettes had been recovered. The theft was reported to police earlier last month.

Recently police arrested two people accused of a series of robberies in which holes were cut in the roofs of the target premises, mostly shops in Male’.

The arrests followed a series of robberies from April 7-15 in which shops were robbed at night, with the burglars entering through holes cut in the ceilings of the stores.

Police recovered Rf498,000 (US$33,200) worth of stolen items and money, and Rf 37,000 (US$2466) and Rf50,000 (US$3333) worth of stolen jewelry following the arrests.

According to police statistics, 700 cases of theft, 127 cases of assault, 84 cases of robbery, 275 cases related to drugs, 166 cases of traffic violation, 57 cases of sexual offense, 18 cases of domestic violence, 13 cases of counterfeit and forgery, 71 cases of vandalism, 22 cases of check bounce and 28 cases of embezzlement were filed at police in the month of April.

So far in May police have received two cases of assault, 22 cases of theft, one case of robbery, five cases related to drugs, 12 cases of traffic violation, one case of vandalism and one case of embezzlement.


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  1. And he should be allowed to keep his hands....why?

  2. good idea Hanguraama.
    Means : that police officer who assaulted women and gets again appointed - that judge who wanted a kid to repeat the sexual abuse in court : some parts to be cut too ? Deal 🙂

  3. @Mohm Shiraz

    If I had the authority I would have most of my countrymen garrotted on the spot to be honest, so you might have your wish if I ever got my way; though I doubt you would live to enjoy it.

    A truly God-fearing society is what we must become.

  4. hehe dhivehi hanguraama you crack me up man. garroted really? go and fear god in your own stupid hell hole. we have to fear god but we dont have to go such lenghts. its coz of nutcases like you that maldives is the way it is. you think garroting and chopping off hands is gonna solve the issue with maldives? we are too f^&*%$g arrogant for that. you really are one hell of a nutjob you know :P.. anyhow i ll best be off before you start calling for me being garrot..

    cheers man. thanks for a good laugh xD

  5. @The harlot/abomination/MalDeviant laughing at me

    "you think garroting and chopping off hands is gonna solve the issue with maldives?"



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