Daylight robbery increasing, warns Chief Inspector

Theft and robbery are crimes increasingly conducted  in daylight, said Police Chief Inspector Mohamed Jamsheed, Head of Property and Commercial Crime, during a press conference today.

Many of these crimes were committed by professional thieves known to police, he explained, including many who had been convicted and imprisoned, but had escaped from custody.

“The release of some convicted people is also a very dangerous issue for society,’’ Jamsheed said.

“Last week some people broke in to the IBS office and damaged the doors, drawers and other office property, and stole jewelry, three mobile phones and Rf 71,350 (US$5500),” he noted, adding that police had already arrested a man, Mohamed Mujthaba, in connection with the case.

‘’He was a fugitive who escaped from jail, after he was convicted in drug related case and brought to Male’ for medical treatment,’’ Jamsheed said. “He was arrested on Makunudhoo in Thaa Atoll.’’

Jamsheed said that police had discovered “a lot of items believed to be stolen” in his house, while other stolen items were believed to have been already sold to other people.

Jamsheed also disclosed information about forged dollar notes discovered in a house in Male’.

‘’Police discovered US$248,300 in forged notes inside Mahchangolhi Kuhlhafilaage,’’ he said. ‘’All the notes were printed with one serial number.’’

He said an elderly man, Hussein Ali, had been arrested in connection with the case.

‘’This person was already been arrested by police on charges in different cases,’’ he said.

Jamsheed appealed for any person with information on the cases to notify police, and urged people to prevent strangers from entering houses if they claimed to be searching for someone.


10 thoughts on “Daylight robbery increasing, warns Chief Inspector”

  1. this is really good work by the police , the sad thing is police DED's corruption plus inability to arrest the drug traffickers .. we need to overhaul the anti drug force in Maldives Police .. or else we'll be another mexico or Columbia ..

  2. If these people are known to the police, why are they being released in the first place? How come the police have not put into force the Gang legislation (is it not ratified yet)?

    There is all this talk about how productive the Majlis was in this past term, where is the product of that productiveness?

  3. “The release of some convicted people is also a very dangerous issue for society,’’ Jamsheed said.

    REALLY? who'd have thought? really!

  4. No worries. The police have not got the counterfeit notes and the printer.

    The perpetrator can go free now. Its the HP Laser Jet printer that needs to be charged with fraudulent output.

  5. pple like yameen and gasim they are the ppl who control all these gangs. if the court orders to release the gang leaders when they have coruption charges how can the police control the scenario

  6. How bad does things need to get before the President, the Government, the Parliament, the Police and Defence forces and the so called Human Rights Council decides that enough is enough! This is really pathetic and I can't understand how anyone working in these institutions can take home their pay cheque with a clear conscience!

  7. Don't worry. I got some guns from some obscure African nation. What's a mugger with a boxcutter worth when faced with a (somewhat rusty) AK-47 with a clip made out of a soapbox for extra capacity?.

  8. @Dingo

    "the Maldives is 99.41 percent Muslim.hehehehe"

    Implement Sharia Law for convicted thiefs, and I am sure your next comment will be without "hehehehe"

    Once they tase the bitter medicine for thiefs in Islam - they will even return whatever they stole last year!

  9. Implement shari'a law?. With this corrupt system of law that punishes the victims, and allows criminals to go free?.

    How much more injustice can be carried out?. Innocent men getting their hands lopped off for crimes they did not commit. Women executed after being accused of adultery for refusing the sexual advances of lechers?.

    I don't think so. Will I allow that to happen?. Oh no, dear, sweet Maldives. Oh no.


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