Seventeen year-old boy and an expatriate worker stabbed

A 17 year-old boy and an expatriate worker were stabbed in two different areas of Male’ on Saturday evening, according to police.

According to police, the 17 year-old boy was stabbed by two men that arrived on a motorbike last night at about 4:30am while he was walking near Olhuveli Road in Maafannu ward.

The boy was stabbed in the back and is currently undergoing treatment at Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Police said the expat attacked last night was a 29 year-old man who was attacked while he was on Sosun Magu in Henveiru.

The man was also stabbed in the back by two men that came on a motorbike, police said.

According to the police, the victim is currently undergoing treatment at ADK Hospital. Neither victim was critically injured, police said.

No arrests have been made following the incidents but police are searching for the assailants. Police have not revealed names of any suspects.

So far in June 86 cases of assault have been reported to police, according to police statistics.


3 thoughts on “Seventeen year-old boy and an expatriate worker stabbed”

  1. you maldivan ppl arw dependent on ppl should b ashamed of urself after showing ur character.doctors teachers sn labours all are ppl cant do anything except ppl are good for nothing.have u ever given a thought if india srilanka will stop suppoting this country how u ppl gona survive.ppl frm india n bangladesh choose this country(mostly muslims) coz mostly ppl think this country is muslim country so we will feel safe here.but after coming here i just realise this country is worest country i hve ever seen in my life.u dont hve any kind of eduction neither islamic nor humantarian.learn how to respect n drugs are not the life n maldives is not the end of world.start thinking beyond maldives.

  2. @doctor... you are completely right... but also know that there are many Maldivians (including myself) who feel embarrassed by the actions of these people and does not represent our attitude towards our fellow expats...

  3. @athifa...hw many r like u here just few...i myself faced drug mafiya in male just two weeks befre.i was lucky i magnaged to escape..this country is without rules.crimnals are getting VIP treatmeant in jails.rapist are encouraged by ppl.


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