Shahum attempted to attack officers with a machete, claim police

Police Inspector Abdulla Nawaz of the Serious and Organised Crime Department has claimed that Ibrahim Shahum, arrested in connection with the recent murder of 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer, was planning to attack officers with a machete when he was found hiding inside some bushes on an uninhabited island.

Police began searching for Shahum after Basheer was stabbed to death on Alikileygefaanu Magu in Male’, one of the capital’s main roads.

”It is believed that he was attempting to attack police officers with the machete,” Nawaz said, of Shahum’s arrest. ”He was arrested with three other persons including an under-aged boy, all of them are suspected to be involved in the murder case.”

He added that police believed Shahum was had led the attack on Basheer, and identified his suspected accomplices as Athif Rasheed and Mohamed Visham.

”There is a reason why they attacked Basheer, but we can’t divulge the information as it might obstruct the investigation,” he said. ”We are also trying to determine whether they had any connection with the owner of the uninhabited island.”

The murder case came not after a week Shahum was released by the Criminal Court citing lack of cooperation from the Health Ministry in providing certain documents.

Shahum was kept in detention six months following the investigation of another murder case involving a 17 year-old boy who bled to death after being stabbed.

On March 17, a group of men stabbed a 21 year-old man to death near NC Park in the Galolhu district of Male’.

Police said the incident occurred around 3:30am in the morning in Alikileyegfaanu Magu.

”He was stabbed four times in the back and three times in the chest,” police then said in a statement.

After the attack to curb the violence in Male’ police commenced special operations and arrested more than 50 persons who were arrested on charges of planning assaults, which most of them were arrested without any probable grounds to arrest or keep in detention according to the Criminal Court.


8 thoughts on “Shahum attempted to attack officers with a machete, claim police”

  1. No surprise there. If he had a pistol, the whole Police contingent would have died.

    But that does not seem to bother the Politicians. Chasbe is worried about his candidacy. Maube is worried about his legacy. And Anni is loaded with sex-craved lunatics that he cant concentrate on anything else.

    So, is this the main problem now?

  2. @ismail
    you guys are still more worried about the so called fundamentalists....

    We dont seem to know the real problem faced in this country. Killing, raping, robbery, more and more violence. Is this what we need in this country?

    Punishment is there for the benefit of the majority who love to live in peace and harmony. What a situation are we in..

  3. Overwhelming agreement with Ismail.

    Sporting an unkempt beard and sewing up the hem of your trousers does not turn you into a professional academic in the field of criminal justice overnight.

    The so-called studies you people summon are a ludicrous comparison of the crime records in Saudi Arabia and a loosely defined "West".

    For god's sake! Technical decisions of policy does not have to be made by the threat of mob violence. The current PR efforts of the Adalat Party and their various civil society initiatives must be met with reason and broader public awareness programs.

    A crippled economy and rising levels of poverty does not help. President Nasheed and his government may be failures of fantastic proportions but that's all we have now. Either move them out of office or get them into action. The people must unite in a cause for social justice, peace, security and prosperity. Enough is enough. The MDP experiment has clearly failed.

  4. It is a complete lack of "space" for a decent and dignified life that is the single most important factor that need to be attended to right now. That is the way for us to stop further breeding of the likes of Shahum, the alleged killer.

  5. The newly formed Presidential Task force should adopt a zero tolerance policy towards these armed gangs.

    Anybody found carrying swords, knives, box cutters or similar arms must be arrested and punished without exception.

    Similarly anybody that attacks someone with or without a weapon should be arrested.

    Only by adopting a drastic a strict zero tolerance policy can we turn the tide.

  6. Those people who are capable of bringing change to the nation are also those who would be more likely to have the means to get out.They have been and now even more so with this violence. Male is now like the mexican border. Violence is not only killing people, its also killing our future.

    We only have one lifetime, and there is no love and no collective identity as a maldivian that motivates one to live and fight for this nation, right now. Thought anni would have tried to fix that.

  7. some big fishes are behind all these unsolved murder cases. Lets see how courageous are the Maldivian Police


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