Two men and a minor arrested in connection with murder of 65 year-old man

Police have arrested three persons in connection with the recent murder of 65 year-old Hassan Abu Bakuru, of Maafaru in Noonu Atoll.

Police have not disclosed the names of the three arrested, but have said the suspects were aged 26, 27 and 17.

The 17 year-old boy was arrested on Friday afternoon at about 2:02pm with an arrest warrant, police said.

Police also said they were taking the case very seriously and that the investigation had a high priority.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said police could not disclose further information before the investigation reached a conclusion.

He said he could not tell if the arrested persons had any relations to the victim.

Hassan Abubakur was found murdered inside his own house on May 30 at around 6:00pm on the island of Manafaru in Noonu Atoll.

“Neighbors living near his house noticed that he had not been coming out at all, and went in to see what was going on and found his dead body,” said Ahmed Shareef, President of the Island Council of Maafaru.

“I saw inside the house after the incident, it seems that some people tried to steal something from the house, because the things inside his house were not arranged as they usually were,’’ he told Minivan News, in a previous interview. “Some cupboards doors were opened and some things supposed to be kept on the table were dropped on the floor.”

Head of Maafaru Island Health Centre Ali Shareef said according to rumours, the man had received a large amount of cash in a lump sum through the elderly persons’ pension scheme, as he had not received it for a long time. The assailants may have killed him in an effort to steal the money, Shareef speculated.

The elderly man’s legs were tied and a pillow was on his face when his body was found, Shareef said, according to islanders who witnessed the body.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the island was ‘Manafaru’. This should have been ‘Maafaru’.


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