18-year-old stabbed last night at Thinadhoo

An 18-year-old identified by local media as Ibrahim Shifaaz was stabbed at Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo last night (October 15).

While speaking to local news outlet Dhuvas, assistant manager of Thinadhoo hospital, Aiminath Abdul Hakeem said that the hospital started treating Shifaaz from midnight last night and said that that he was not in critical condition.

“He was stabbed in the thigh and the back. The wound was two centimeters deep in the thigh and three to four centimeters in the back,” said Aiminath.

A police official told Minivan News that six individuals including one under the age of 18 years have been arrested so far in relation to the case under a court warrant.


Appeal hearings on Farhad murder case ends

Appeal hearings on the death sentence issued by the Criminal Court on Mohamed Nabeel of Reef in Galolhu ward on charges of the murder of Abdulla Farhad of Lilymaage in Seenu Atoll Hithadhoo have been completed.

The High Court will be announcing its verdict at the next hearing, which has not been scheduled so far.

The murder of Farhad was committed on March 9, 2009 in capital Malé city near Sosun Store on Majeedhee Magu.

He was allegedly attacked for harassing a girl who worked at a nearby shop. The girl has previously been reported to be a sister of the accused, Nabeel.


Robbery at Gemanafushi petrol shed

The administrative offices of the ‘Unlimited Fuel’ petrol shed in the island of Gemanafushi in Gaafu Alif Atoll has been broken into, and over MVR25,000 (US$1,620) has been stolen from the scene.

Police have stated that they are investigating the matter, confirming that the case was reported to them at 8:10pm on Sunday.


Assault victim’s leg amputated

The victim of the assault with a sharp object which occurred in Mahchangolhi last Saturday (August 23) has had his right leg amputated as a result of injuries received.

The man, identified in local media as Ahmed Aseel of Blueniyage in Thaa Atoll Thimarafushi, is currently receiving medical treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

“He was stabbed in six places, and his right leg was severely injured. Therefore we were left with no option but to amputate his right leg from the knee down. His condition is still very critical, he is even breathing with the aid of a ventilator,” local media quoted his family as saying.


Threatening texts were sent via a computer application, say police

Police have said that the recent spate of threatening text messages sent to parliamentarians, journalists, and other individuals were sent using a computer application rather than normal texting via local networks.

At a press conference held on Wednesday (August 27), Cyber Policing Department Head Inspector Ahmed Shifau stated that police are currently seeking assistance from several foreign authorities in their investigation into the matter.

Police expressed confidence that the perpetrators can be identified, though they declined from commenting further on the matter stating that the investigation is currently in progress.

Communications Authority of Maldives Chief Executive Officer Ilyas Ahmed said earlier this week that tracing messages from foreign networks,  or computer software were difficult to trace.


Criminal Court rules charges of sending threats to MP Rashad not proven

The Criminal Court has ruled that charges Mohamed Raaif of Henveiru Blue Mead sent death threats to Thulaadhoo constituency MP Nazim Rashad have not been proven.

The case was lodged after Nazim Rashaad received death threats in August 2011.

The court’s ruling reads that based on the fact that Raaif pleaded not guilty, and taking into account witness statements, the court decided that the charges could not be proven.


Police busts major drug network

Police have arrested three individuals on charges of selling narcotics.

The official police website describes the operation as a “major drug network bust”, stating that they were arrested while “in possession of a large number of illicit drugs and money”.

Police have said the three persons arrested on an operation carried forward on Monday are males of ages 31, 22, and 20-years-old. The nationalities of the arrested persons have not been revealed so far.

They were arrested from Parker House in Galolhu ward of capital Malé city.

Police recovered 53 packages containing what is suspected to be narcotics and equipment used for packaging them.

Police also searched the 20-year-old’s residence, finding an additional 58 packages and larger bags of narcotics as well as similar packaging equipment.

In an additional search of the 22-year-old’s residence, more than MVR150,000 (US$9,700) was recovered.


Crime in Ramadan declined 40 percent, reveals police

The number of crimes reported in the capital Malé during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in 2014 declined 40 percent compared to the same period last year, police statistics have shown.

While a total of 1,476 crimes were reported in the capital during Ramadan 2013, police revealed that the figure declined to 884 this year.

Cases of theft decreased from 544 last year to 226 in Ramadan 2014.

Followed by theft, the second highest number of cases involved traffic accidents with 176 during the fasting month, which saw a slight increase from 163 last year.

While 131 drug cases were registered this year, the figure was 212 in 2013.


Detention of narcotics seller in Kulhudhuhfushi extended by 15 days

A 39-year-old accused of smuggling and selling narcotics on the island of Kulhudhuhfushi has had his detention extended by 15 days by the island’s magistrate court.

The man was arrested on the island on June 27 and the magistrate court initially extended his detention by 10 days at the time. Police caught him while he was receiving a box from a boat that travels between Malé and the island.

Police found him to be in possession of a large number of small packets used to pack illicit drugs in and three packets containing narcotics as well as other contraband. He had also tested positive for illegal drugs.