Boyfriend of Sheereen denies murder charges

Mohamed Najaah, boyfriend of Mariyam Sheereen who’s body was discovered in a construction site in January, has denied murder charges raised against him by the Prosecutor General’s office.

Deputy Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem raised murder charges against Najah in court and presented two witnesses: a taxi driver and a person who lived in the same apartment.

Police allege that Najah murdered Sheereen in the apartment in which they both lived, before putting her body into a 2.5 foot-long suitcase and transporting it to the construction site by taxi cab.

Shameem presented a man identified as Haneef who lived in the same apartment with Sheereen and Najaah as a witness, and also the taxi driver who carried the suitcase.

The body of 30 year old Sheereen was discovered 36 hours after death in a construction site in Male’ on January 3 by a Bangladeshi labourer. Her family reported to police that she had been missing from December 31, 2009.


4 thoughts on “Boyfriend of Sheereen denies murder charges”

  1. Does denying a murder charge mean that you will be released by the criminal courts? The evidence act has not been passed by parliament yet, right? So that means that all the forensic evidence in the world, all the clear indications of guilt will not be able to convict him?!

    I hope we are able to get more updates from his trial and if he is released, i hope it is not because there was no EYE witnesses to the murder!

  2. Denial is easier than anything else. Just drop the knife by your feet and pretend never to have seen it before. And you would not even need to wipe the blood off your hands.

    Since the know-all stupid SOB magistrates did not see it happen; would not realize there is such a thing as forensic evidence, will conclude, after much deliberations, that the guy in question was out of the country on the day of crime.

    You are home free. Brilliant.

  3. Justice cannot be carried out in the absence of laws that support justice.

    Why the delay in passing these laws?

    It would be useful to us readers if someone were to enlighten us.


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