Prosecutor General recieves cases against five suspects in Muheeth’s murder case

The police have forwarded the case of 21 year-old Abdul Muheeth’s murder to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) office, requesting five suspects be charged in connection to the attack.

Muheeth, of G. Veyru, was stabbed to death near the Finance Ministry building on February 19.

Police have released the pictures and names of three suspects, while the identity of two other suspects linked to the murder were withheld as they are minors.

A statement released by the police says that cases have been forwarded against Muhujath Ahmed Naasih of Abulagee Ge on Gahdhoo in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Mohamed Maimoon of Zaithoonige, on Naifaru of Lhaviyani atoll and Ali Mushahfau of Sultan Villa on Maradhoo in Seenu Atoll.

According to police, Muheeth was allegedly murdered by the gang in a case of mistaken identity.

Police Inspector Abdulla Satheeh earlier told the press that the investigation into Muheeth’s death showed that he was not attacked for any involvement in gang related crimes, and that he had no police record.

He also noted that Satheeh was not a member of any gang, and was working in a responsible job at the time.

Satheeh added that there was enough evidence to prosecute the suspects, but said police were still working to collect more evidence.

He said that police gave high priority to such cases and assured the public that the case was proceeding at a fast pace.

A close friend of Muheeth told Minivan News that Muheeth was attacked by the gang because he was a close friend of the person they wanted to attack.

‘’It was a week after the person they wanted to attack had left the country to study and was killed,’’ he claimed. ‘’I say the assailants should receive the death penalty, and the police should also make them apologise to his mother and father,” he said, on condition of anonymity.

Almost two months after Muheeth’s murder, a 33 year-old man was was stabbed to death. Police have arrested five people in connection with the murder of Ali Shifan ‘Tholhi Palay’ of M.Fairy Corner. The case is currently being investigated.

Meanwhile, the courts are hearing cases against six suspects, including who have been charged with brutally murdering 76 year-old Ali Hassan, who was discovered with multiple stab wounds in an abandoned home on Kudahuvadhoo of Dhaalu Atoll in January.


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  1. You got it right on the story of the man who raped his grandmother, so why not here......sloppy......i before e except after c!!

  2. All accused look like junkies...surely is connected to drugs and babes or both But minors or not all the punks need whacking!

  3. Don't judge a book by its cover! I know very serious, decent people with long hair and very nasty people with short hair...etc...

  4. I don't give a rats, long hair, short hair, no hair, hair in their ears, noses, the violence has to stop, how long can ppl live in fear?

    I hate all this violence...

    Look, I have often said a whole lot of things in anger on this website which I have later regretted, but at the end of the day, all I really care about, is that there can be safety for Maldivians, and caring between them, so that no one has to live in fear, and that all of this violence has to stop.

    I mean, surely there are bigger issues than the lust for power of the politicians that we all, I especially, need to adress, such as, why are we so angry toward one one another, why do we not all care for each other... Every body hurts, so everybody is capable of empathy.

    I myself know longer care about who is in power in the Maldives... I wish All the best of health and Barakhat to all politicians and their families, to Anni, Waheed, Naseer, Maumoon, Gasim, Hassan Saeed, Yameen, as I wish the best of health and Blessings to every Maldivian, but striving to serve their political ambition to the point you become enemies of your fellow human being is not only destroying Maldivian lives of the followers, but is also destroying the character of the heroes we revere.


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