Islamic Foundation to host international Dhivehi Islamic event in Sri Lanka

The Islamic Foundation of the Maldives is holding an international Islamic event in Sri Lanka on May 22, 2011: ‘Da’wah Islamiyya at Colombo 2011’.

“The event consists of two religious lectures conducted by popular preacher Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed and Sheikh Izzadeen Adnan, followed by a Q&A session,” the foundation said in a statement.

The sermons will be aimed at Maldivians living in Sri Lanka, and will be conducted in Dhivehi.

“Da’wah Islamiyya at Colombo 2011” will be held on May 22 at 4:30pm at Shahran Banquet Hall, 56 Hospital Road, Dehiwala.


3 thoughts on “Islamic Foundation to host international Dhivehi Islamic event in Sri Lanka”

  1. Tell me, just what have the SriLankans done, for them to be targeted for destruction?

    For heavens sake, the Srilankans have seen enough of vile, contempt, killing and slander during their civil war. And they just managed to stabilize a few months back.

    Here we have, the angels of swords themselves, now trying to sow discord, separation with the stories of hell fires on their soil.

    In a few years from now, SriLankan government would regret allowing these hate mongers on their soil. I feel pity for the SriLankans. For what they experienced on their civil-war is comparatively a walk in the park, when compared to what's coming towards them now.

  2. Hey you silly, the lectures are for the Maldivians. Sri Lankans are frustrated with the stupid Maldivians who are drinking and smoking on the roads.

    @ Ismail Naseem, you better control the dug boa parteys instead of hating the religion.

  3. We need more islamic lecture sessions for Maldivians to put their spiritual life back in track.
    I being a Sri Lankan and had associated with Maldivians since 1997 and of view their life style is aweful and need change.
    Proper religious education is a must.


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