High Court upholds seven year prison sentence for throwing rocks at VTV

The High Court has upheld a Criminal Court ruling sentencing a man found guilty of throwing stones at private broadcaster VTV to seven years imprisonment.

Eight men including Mohamed Hameed were given seven year sentences for throwing stones outside the station during anti-government protests on March 19, 2012.

The demonstrators were protesting the new President Dr Mohamed Waheed from giving the opening address to the first session of parliament, following his controversial arrival to power the previous month.

In addition to Hameed, the Criminal Court also sentenced Ismail Hammaadh of Maduvvari in Raa Atoll, Ahmed Hameeed and Hussein Hameed of Alifushi in Raa Atoll, Ahmed Naeem of Henveiru Ladhumaageaage, Hussein Shifau Jameel of Maafannu Nooruzeyru, Aanim Hassan of Ferishoo in North Ali Atoll, Ahmed Muheen of Galolhu Haalam and Mohamed Hameed for vandalising the channel.

The building, as well as the soldiers guarding its entrance on Sosun Magu, came under attack as police tear gas forced the protesters south, past the building from the police barricades near to the parliament building.

Appealing the sentence, Hameed argued that it was extraordinary practice for the court to impose the maximum possible sentence on a first time offender with no criminal record.

However the High Court, noting that the sentence was three to seven years, deferred to the discretion of the Criminal Court judge.

VTV is owned by MP Gasim Ibrahim, a resort tycoon, presidential candidate and member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) tasked with disciplining the judiciary.


8 thoughts on “High Court upholds seven year prison sentence for throwing rocks at VTV”

  1. It is unlucky for these people that their crimes were not captured on a hidden video camera, as there would not be enough evidence then.

  2. Throwing rocks at property and people is a more serious crime than child abuse and murder in this country.

  3. This is Great ! This sends a good message to everybody ! Dont do the crime, if you cant do the time !

    If you torch a building, or throw rocks, then expect a criminal sentence ! I applaud this sentence, every one who commits a crime whether they be MDP activists, DRP or PPM activists or however powerful a politician they may be should be given the maximum sentence!

    Whether they be Jabir who was arrested for drinking alcohol on Hondaidhoo, or this Guy Faiz who was arrested for selling pornography of that judge guy they all should get convicted !

    Crime does not pay people ! People should start waking upto this. Some people are rallied by some political parties to do these kinds of things during political gatherings. The people who call for these people to torch these buildings or throw stones, often do not participate in the act, and it is the people who torch the buildings who get the criminal sentences.

    Start thinking with your head Maldivians. No political party is worth getting a criminal conviction !

  4. Have the thugs who smashed the sculptures at the National Museum on the day of government transfer been arrested and convicted yet?
    Due to the video recording they should be easy to identify.

  5. The Law must be consistent and uniform, not deaf dumb and blind.

    I would appreciate that all those who break the law be dealt the same application of the law.

    President Nasheed facilitated the release of Sarangu Adam Maniku's son's after repatriation while serving time in colombo prison for smuggling drugs

    Thasmeen still a presidential candidate after millions of overdue loans

    Judges involved with extra marital sex still sitting on the bench

    Reeko Moosa still walks free after several cases of financial frauds

    Jabir makes mockery of the law in every form and manner and still gets elected to parliament

    the list goes on

    we need to wake up, and smell the coffee and see the people who we elect for who they really are . or stop whining about it

  6. Can minivannews do a piece on the inconsistencies in the justice system? Reader Ahmed Ibrahim has started the list already. Just a nice long list will suffice. People are superficial. Detailed analysis will be a waste of your time.


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