No issues inside MDP leadership, says Dr Didi

Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Leader Dr Ibrahim Didi has dismissed speculation that there were internal issues within the party, following a decision by the the party’s national council to appoint ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik as the acting Chairperson for one year.

Local media reported that Dr Didi had expressed concern that the appointment was inconsistent with the party’s charter.

The MDP’s website today quoted Dr Didi as saying that having different thoughts on a subject was not an issue, and it had been the MDP that introduced freedom of expression to the Maldives.

‘’The MDP is a party that knows how to tolerate different opinions and a party that knows how to work together even with different opinions,’’ Dr Didi said. ‘’We are in the spirit to work together, hopefully we will solve any problems we face.’’

He also thanked Moosa for accepting the position of acting Chairperson.

Speaking to different media outlets Dr Didi said that the party’s charter stated that if the post of chairperson becomes vacant, the post will temporarily be handed over to deputy chairperson.

He also told the media that he would seek legal advice over the matter and that it was questionable whether the national council could make such a decision when the charter stated otherwise.

‘’There are no issues between me and Dr Didi, the National Council and me or the National Council between Dr Didi,’’ said MDP acting Chairperson and former Parliamentary Group’s Leader and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik.

Moosa said that as the MDP was a democratic party its members were free to express their own opinions, and offered assurances that the MDP would never become factionalised.

The MDP was not a party that focused around one single person, he added.

The MDP has meanwhile announced interested candidates to send letters to the party’s secretariat, following the resignation of Moosa from his former post as Parliamentary Group Leader.


5 thoughts on “No issues inside MDP leadership, says Dr Didi”

  1. dr. did. we elected u as the leader because we thought u have some balls. come on. give a fight. dont give in to this idiot reeko. he's an ignorant uneducated idiot. just kick the man out of the party. hold ur head high. this man is not good enough even as a butler to u, sir!

  2. Reeko: Nothing to see here. Move along. We all love each other. We're like a jaundiced Brady bunch.

    Didi: True we've never had any issues inside the party. We always talk things out and settle them with a hug and a kiss right Dr. Munavvar.

    Munavvar: Yes, that's why I never had to leave the party. Oh wait....I did..why was that again?

    Reeko: No, no, no. You never left. I never threatened to either and never accepted a bribe to stay. Right Ibra?

    Ibra: Why yes. This party is peace incarnate. Didi and Moosa are just like Mary-Kate and Ashley. They have their differences but they always come together at the end of the day.

    THE END.

  3. Didi, after seeing you meekly succumb to Reeko's direct challenge, now I am regretting my vote to elect you as party president. At this rate soon people will call you "Dhayy neyy Didi" instead of Dhayy Didi.

  4. When Ibra, and Munavaru left MDP soon after securing party's presidency I thought the problem is with them.

    But then, when it consistently appears to be the direction for the current President (even though he seems to playing it down it in the public) then there certainly is a chronic problem within the system.

    It appears there is an element within the party who feel insecure when a person with Addu roots takes the prominent position. This is no justice to the people from Addu.

  5. dr.didi akee vakimeehakah nubalaa vidhaalhuvaan jehey konme ehcheh vidhaalhuvumuge hivvaru huri beyfulheh.Eige maana akee Didi khodhu mukhuthaaree ehnoon.Adhi amilla edhun bodhee ehves noon.Didi aai Munawwar thafaathu sababakee Muha dheyn beynunvaa meeheh.nawwar beynunvee verikan Didi akee verikan Raees Nasheed ah hoad


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