All murder cases filed last year investigated and sent to PG, claim police

Police Head of Serious and Organised Crime Mohamed Chief Inspector Dhaud has announced that police have concluded investigations into all murder cases filed last year and  forwarded the cases to the Prosecutor General’s office.

In a video interview on the police website Dhaudh said many people were murdered last year, and that police had been able to determine the suspects in these cases. Some cases were in court while other trials had been concluded.

He expressed concern that although some cases were thoroughly investigated and sent to the courts, the cases were interrupted when witnesses were influenced and changed their statements.

Dhaud said police were giving high priority to identifying people intimidating witnesses and prosecuting them.

He also said that police took murder cases very seriously would use all available resources to investigate these cases.

In the video, Dhaud highlights some of the deaths that occurred last year and the suspects who were charged in the cases.

The video interview comes the day before the ‘National Movement’ coalition of NGOs and the Adhaalath Party have declared they will hold a protest on behalf of murder victims because ‘’murder victims have been deprived from their right to have justice.’’

On April 24, speaking to local media at Nalahiya Hotel in Male’, Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla said the main purpose of the gathering was to call for justice for murder victims and encourage the authorities to ensure that “such inhumane acts” were not repeated in the future.

Imran also suggested that murders were being ignored, criticising media for forgetting cases after covering them for 10 days or even a month.

He also referred to the brutal murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali in October 2012, noting that neither the ongoing trial nor the investigation of his murder had been concluded.

State Home Minister Abdulla Mohamed, spokesperson of the ‘National Movement’, said at the time that 13 Maldivians were reported murdered last year.  He added that compensation for these deaths was also not being received by relatives of the victims.

He called on everyone against murder to participate in the event.