Four Maldivians questioned for allegedly committing bestiality with a goat

Police have questioned four men from the island of Makunudhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll following allegations the men had sex with a goat.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed police had questioned the men, but said no arrests had been made.

President of Makunudhoo Island Council Mohamed Rilwan said that all four of the men were aged between 19 and 21.

Two of the men were from Makunudhoo while the other two were originally from the neighboring island of Neykurendhu, he said.

‘’Lately the owner of the goat had been suspicious that something was wrong because he was finding things such as condoms on his farm where he keeps 50 goats,’’ said Rilwan.

‘’Early one morning when he went to the farm he saw two goats outside the fence and thought it was odd because there was no way a goat could have climbed over the fence.”

Rilwan said the owner then counted the goats and realised one goat was missing, and started searching for it.

‘’He found the goat near the beach, it was laid down on a cardboard paper. He observed that it could not walk properly and that its sexual organs were injured,’’ he said. ‘’He then reported the matter to the concerned authorities.’’

Rilwan said  more than five goats on the farm had been subjected to similar assaults.

‘’The owner has noted that he has frequently seen this group of four men near the farm. They have been selecting healthy muscular goats to do this,’’ he said.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the goat found on the beach had now died.

Haveeru also reported that the deceased animal was a billy-goat, however Rilwan told Minivan News that it was a nanny goat.


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  1. Oh come on whats the big deal here no one is harmed here, why whole Maldives media so obsessed with this small issue, while Rome is burning, daily murder and stab in the capital. Boys are boys every where, they will do this kind of experiments in every society you name it. this is not first time in the world such things boys did.

  2. @naked swimmer
    Wat do people actually believe that herding goats will get them to heaven, haha
    wat a bunch of retards

  3. Crime rate is so high in this country because the laws are made against the belief of citizens.. In a democratic country like this.. The laws must be made in the way majority of the people wants.. like if we permit clubs and legal prostitution, raping, child molestations and this type of goat cases will be low.

    So if we can change the law's.. The crime rate of this country will be reduced to a huge percent

  4. In Male' its over populated and people are forced to live in aprox 200sqft with their whole family.. and for sure they wont be able to have sexual relations happily full satisfactorily even with their own wives..

    So what would you expect from them? Sexual desires of everyone wont be the same.. Some people will get wild and go forward out of the boundaries transgressing the limits..

    So the only solution to minimize the crime rate is to legalize the things which the majority wants.. Legalize massage parlors, (safe sex) prostitutions etc. I mean whats the problem in having sex with own girl friend.. Thats something personal in between them. If we make laws to influence peoples private life.. this country will never see the minimization of the crimes like raping (human/animal) child molestation etc.

  5. at lest they used condoms...well they were aware to be protected that a good Singh i guess..hehe

  6. When it comes to sexual acts apparently no place on earth can beat this 1200 odd islands. This is all part of our culture. I am told there is in fact a dhivehi word to describe such acts nicely and its bakattaa kairivun (translated: going near a goat).

  7. First the Manta rape on Dhonfanu now this? what's next? Dolphins? I bet they filmed too...sick

  8. @Lbeau

    "Is that the actual goat….its very pretty."

    Control yourself 🙂

  9. Salim, can I kill rats? its yucky too...
    But you right there is a way to kill animals and no religion asks us to torture any animal or living thing for that matter before its killed.
    ps. must have been a very good looking goat!

  10. Yes we are....100%

    And we will never believe anything else.

    And will force everyone in the country to believe so.

    And with goats, tuna, beaches, palm trees we will march into heaven, as one.

  11. Such a "fun" is quite regular thing to happen in muslimic countries. Nothing new)))) If you can't get the normal sexual life here, what else do you expect))))

  12. How disgusting. !! Stupid boys !! You got find girls not goat !! Idiots

  13. Lets keep an open mind. Look at the brighter side of things.

    We might be stumbling onto a new type of socio-tourism - zoophilia on local islands.

    This might outweigh the security threat felt by the resorts.

  14. Lol at all the idiots blaming this on Arab Culture/Secularism/Liberal democracy.

    As if a bunch of horny youths had cultural traditions or political philosophy in mind while they were...well, you know....with a goat.

  15. Right after human rights.. we sure need to work on 'animal rights'.. what the hell is wrong with people now? Now rape a GOAT? or Goat abuse? what so ever?!
    Yes, of course Goats can't complain or raise their voice, so rape them, throw them. No punishment. As now a child abuser even gets a free vacation of 6months in jail?
    Bless and save goats from Mankind. Amen. Shame, chee chee.. shame on you people!

  16. All last comment then thats enough. A word of caution to future goat abusers. There is a famous song from the second World War stating that "Hitler had only one left ball". While this is factually correct, as every man can only have one left testicle, Hitler only had one testicle. The other was bitten off by a goat. True story.... Google it.

  17. disgusting - another symptom of the repression experienced by 30 years of dictatorship followed by the psychotic religious/extremist behaviour trend that has now filled that gap -where are the opinion leaders of maldives who should be publicly and systematically condeming such acts - i balk at the fact this is what i see when i check maldives news.

  18. After a hard night of boduberu, beetle nut and ruku raa nothing quite beats a BBQed goat on the beach... Ey Zahir?

  19. @ Z-nut

    You were there to see when Arabs had sex with camel, then you must be the culprit to introduce that culture in Maldives.

    Excellent!!!! you are living up to your name (Z-nut)

  20. Animal lovers will be better u 4 goats have S...... With age another perfectly two gay couple then goat 😉
    Ouch will never eat meet agean Allah know like u 4 how many have in the world shame I think need to do this 4 goat boys publicly punish this will be lesson for another lovers who is planing and searching for a goats to do ;);) ...

  21. maldivians are not sexually suppressed,they are just expanding their horizons.....they are one of the most sexually open free muslim societies....


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