Four Maldivians questioned for allegedly committing bestiality with a goat

Police have questioned four men from the island of Makunudhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll following allegations the men had sex with a goat.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed police had questioned the men, but said no arrests had been made.

President of Makunudhoo Island Council Mohamed Rilwan said that all four of the men were aged between 19 and 21.

Two of the men were from Makunudhoo while the other two were originally from the neighboring island of Neykurendhu, he said.

‘’Lately the owner of the goat had been suspicious that something was wrong because he was finding things such as condoms on his farm where he keeps 50 goats,’’ said Rilwan.

‘’Early one morning when he went to the farm he saw two goats outside the fence and thought it was odd because there was no way a goat could have climbed over the fence.”

Rilwan said the owner then counted the goats and realised one goat was missing, and started searching for it.

‘’He found the goat near the beach, it was laid down on a cardboard paper. He observed that it could not walk properly and that its sexual organs were injured,’’ he said. ‘’He then reported the matter to the concerned authorities.’’

Rilwan said  more than five goats on the farm had been subjected to similar assaults.

‘’The owner has noted that he has frequently seen this group of four men near the farm. They have been selecting healthy muscular goats to do this,’’ he said.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the goat found on the beach had now died.

Haveeru also reported that the deceased animal was a billy-goat, however Rilwan told Minivan News that it was a nanny goat.


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  1. I wonder if there's any link to this incident for Maldives to rank one level higher to 4th place in the new seven wonders.

  2. oh man seriously wtf!!
    i guess being a sexually repressed state forces people to go crazy, damn rapists

  3. It's very strange that in our microcosm of just 350,000 population, we find every type of deviancy and horror that is present in the whole world ...

  4. This has absolutely nothing to do with Democracy. WTF. In democracies GOATS HAVE RIGHTS.... Like being killed without being tortured. Not to be tortured before being killed, because contrary to the sickos who got caught, the goats did NOT ENJOY IT!

    Even in Islam we have a process of slaughter to make meat Halaal that ensures animals do not suffer. To kill animals for pleasure is against our religion. And to abuse any living creature is atrocious.

    Except maybe spiders... I think I might be okay with arbitrarily killing spiders. They're kinda scary, and the harm us even when we're nice to them!

  5. Only practising what they learnt in the Madhrasaas! Obviously taught by some "scholars" from a neighbouring country...

    I've always wondered how those unmarried "scholars" kept going... Now I know!

  6. This raises many question, Makunudhoo historically must have had a populace which were apish in behavior. This does gives an answer to some of Maldives historical questions too.

    How disgusting

  7. This is not LIBERAL DEMOCRACY or any other goddamn sexy thing or repression!

    This is enough proof that lads of today do not have the galls to ask a woman for a decent muck!

  8. It's just another day in Paradise.

    Now if this case goes to court, the judge probably would say its the Goat's fault.

    Unless the other goats agree to testify and appear in court as witnesses for the Prosecution, there is little likelihood of this case going forward.

    As for the goats themselves, they fear for their lives if they testify. The suspects have threatened the goats that their lives would be in danger if they dare to open their mouths.

    The Human Rights Commission are debating as to whether it is within their mandate to issue a statement in support of the Animal Rights.

    Meanwhile, in Male' the court has ordered the arrest of MP Adhil

    The Police are not too keen to be investigating another steamy sex scandal so soon after the infamous cyber sex scandal. They would prefer to go after sword wielding resort robbing killers roaming the streets of Male'. The Police have yet to use their new "less lethal" weapons.

    As for MNDF, they are still searching the seas of Thaa atoll looking for any signs of the 4 crocodiles that are threatening the safety of the general public of the atoll.

    The Mullahs are too busy searching for the self-proclaimed Prophet who is supposedly organizing some sort of Pilgrimage.

    In the Majlis, the immediate focus is grabbing more "privileges" and extra allowances. Duty free cars and life time salaries are also in the works.

    The circus continues!

  9. The difference is that such incidents can now be published without the fear of repercussions, thanks to a freer media who is making good headway o democracy.

    On the other hand, a suppressed society as we see now will result in ignorance, more violence, sexual assault, increase in crime and drugs etc and lead to deterioration of Maldivians.

  10. Interesting indeed! Where there is no respect for Human rights, what do you guys expect to have with Animals?
    What do you expect when the so called Human rights activist are the one's who verbally and phyically abuse young boys and girls in this country from executive, Judiciary and Parliament members. We have top ranking politicians who victimize young girls and boys daily and openly! and nobody says a word. Simply joke about it and say "its ok"!!! We also have another group of fanatics who blame everything on Islam and the scholars! Another group who call themselves as Islamic Scholars who themselves victimize boys and girl in the name of Islam. Its total lawlessness in this country!

  11. The judge presumably may ask these beasts what it felt to be inside a goat!
    And the lawyer presumably would tell his client to "be silent" and let the judge try and see what it feels to be inside a goat!
    Perhaps these guys would love to be called "goat boys: !

  12. It is the next big step in Adalaath Party education programs!heheheh!

  13. Minivannews - please improve your editorial quality - in covering stories as well as in moderating comments. Freedom of expression is not venting on daily newspapers.

  14. Goat did not scream.
    Goat: 0, Goat rapists: 1

    Four Muslim men did not witness the goat rape.
    Goat: 0, Goat rapists: 2.

    Goat was naked.
    Goat: 0, Goat rapists: 3.

    Judge happy. Goat rapists walk free.

  15. LOL @ Adam.

    Am I the only one that kinda finds that goat a bit cute??

    I mean it wasn't a PIG now was it!!

  16. @ilyas

    if the prosecutor cannot bring enough evidence to convince them, of course they have to be let go...what kind of person are you anyway??

  17. I condemn the Minivannews for giving undue publicity and sensationalism of an isolated perverse incident in the English media.

    This is not about condoning the act or shooting Minivan as the messenger. But some some of patriotism and national pride is expected of. Minivann. I think by reporting the news, Minivan news has fallen to the same level as the guys in question over the goat

    S H A M E

  18. there is good money in this.. ministry of tourism & culture should capitalize on this. Slogan "Lets Go Zoo In The Maldives"...

  19. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

  20. See, always told you that these islanders were retarted! Now, we have ample proof. Health Ministry ought to start checking DNA from this island for traces of "goatism" among the populace.

    Isolate them, in case they pass on goat genes to the rest of the population. How do you cure goat sex addicts?

  21. long live the rule of no sex before marriage..sexually frustrated guys working it out on innocent animals..see what happens..

  22. @ bahurani from Makunudhoo Island I presume?

    Take it easy. We will keep your secret safe! 🙂

  23. Hey whats the problem with you guys and minivan. The four guys and the goat agreed to have sex. Whats bothering you guys? In democracy you can do what you want with majority. So if there is consent sex is allowed even with a goat. Maumoon was wise not to introduce liberal democracy to Maldives. This is what will happens when you give too much freedom to Maldivians. Really need to check DNA to know where we came from.

  24. Man stands trial for sexual acts with a goat.
    while the witness was been questioned by the prosecutor witness states that the goat turned around and licked the man when he was done
    Judge replies " ALL GOOD GOATS DO THAT"

  25. "A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine."
    -Ayatollah Khomeini, Tahrirolvasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990.

  26. This is just a case of monkey island misunderstanding, what do you expect on monkey island.

  27. Q. What do you call a guy standing on a corner in Makunudhoo with a goat under each arm ??

    A. pimp.

  28. After all its Makunudhoo ... any person with any association with this island ate twisted it looks like ... heh heh

  29. Another feather on the Maldivian cap...this should come on all breaking news,the first of its kind"Gang rape of a goat" true Maldivian style..they do every deviant thing to outclass the rest of the world!!

    Truly a country of wonder,living heinously on God's Gifted paradise islands..Soon the heavy load of crime and deviancy will drown the whole lot..Guess God can't take it anymore and Decide to submerge the whole damn psycho nation!

  30. ahahahaha poor horny boys. they couldnt get a girl so decided to get the sexiest "goat".

  31. Haveeru reported this as well. Sick and wrong. There are some serious head cases in the Hinterlands!

  32. SEX BOLAH ARAIGEN MIULHENEE....! internet is so freely available now. no restrictions at all. even when net was 1st introduced to Maldives way back in 1995 we went to Dhiraaqu Shop to secretly download erotic pictures. whereas now in our bed rooms, sitting rooms, offices and on mobile phone we can log on to any website such as youporn, youjizz, thehans, etc....! this devil has to be stopped. we have to introduce to blocking of such sites and cable tv channels. in fact internet is blame for setting our minds towards sex. child molesting issues by MPs, Goat raping, web cam sex can be averted if we enforced some censorship over internet and cable tv.

  33. @ adam shareef
    foolish man, its human nature to have sexual desires, the more u repress them the more we will hear crazy stories.
    Let people have normal healthy sexual relationships, teach safe sex in schools, coz no matter how you want to deny it this country is not 100% muslim. why do u think people get married at 18! so they can have sex, then 2 years later divorce, or husband finds someone new!!
    If they want to have sex they will, if they are religiously faithfull they will stick to their beliefs,

  34. Legalize massage least the poor fifty thousand horny souls in male and elsewhere could relieve themselves rather than going after our young daughters!
    One major cause of sex craze in male, child abuse, online sex and kinky sex is simply due to imbalance of supply and demand in physical sense.
    Look at Male', over thirty thousand male workers!! what do you expect, they too have feelings and get naturally wild seeing the well exposed girls on streets of male.
    Well, some people are willing to go a step further to relieve themselves....poor goat, I hope majlis would make a new law protecting animals in Maldives from rapists and pedophiles

  35. This happen when people watch porn pictures and videos from the internet uploaded by the infidels. Extremism is esnot Islam, but the propaganda spread by the infidels from the Western countries.

    Shame to Western countries. Allah, the infidels shall witness the wrath of Allah.

  36. As the number of people who believe that goat herding will give them more sawaab increases in our country there appears to be an increase in goat abuse. Last Eid they butchered 12 goat behind Maafannu School in a choreographed display.
    Animal Rights Now!

  37. Fellow Maldivians. Please refrain from having intercourse with billy goats. It is innappropriate.

    Something to ponder on.

  38. Thanks to Arab culture. This was prevalent in Arab world where the Bedouin used to have sex with camels. May be they are still doing it.


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