Man taken to hospital in critical condition following attempted suicide

Police have reported that a man was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) this morning in a critical condition after attempting to hang himself.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that police responded to the incident at 10:50am and said the man’s condition was “very critical”.

The man’s brother told Minivan News he was found inside the house in a house in Male’, and while his condition had improved he was still in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

”We do not know why he did it,” he told Minivan News, adding that the man had a wife and three children.

IGMH said it would not provide further information on the man’s condition as the family had requested privacy.


3 thoughts on “Man taken to hospital in critical condition following attempted suicide”

  1. No wonder the socio-economic pressure coupled with the governments efforts to distance the youth from spiritual guidance is having it's toll on the hapless. I only wish this man lives on to repent...his feet almost touched the heat of Hell, it seems.
    My sympathy to the innocent three kids and his wife who might have been phsycologically devastated had he suceeded in his attempted suicide.

  2. there is no way you can prove a person who commits suicide will be in hell. dont judge them like you know what they have been through. it takes a lot of courage and cowardice to come to that. it happens when one just cant take it anymore.

    i will prove my argument that we cant know for certain if they are going to hell. i agree, that those who commit suicide are sinners and they will be in hell according to Islamic texts (im not sure if its in the Quran or just in hadiths). point is, we dont know what is in Ghaib..or the unseen. we dont know what happens to a soul after death. and we will not know the state of mind this person was in, when he committed suicide. if he wasnt doing it willingly or if he was insane at that time....islamic ruling will not apply to that person. because only those who are mentally matured and who are sane... will be held accountable for their deeds. so, we will never know. and as long as we are uncertain, we should treat their bodies just as we do with others. and should not call them hell dwellers.

  3. only those who have no problem in their mind(biologically) will have to answer for their deeds. people with well functioning mind who commits suicide tends to increase in groups that are far from spirituality. usually when they are more connected with the material world than the other. this is why praying is important. it keeps you at "peace". after all, even after the worst, you will be with God and for the person on the true path, that is all that matters in the end.


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