PA claims government was warned about Maafushi protest

The People’s Alliance (PA) has claimed the government was aware of a possible protest in Maafushi jail over prison conditions, but did not take any action.

Last year on 13 October inmates set fire on some of the cells and caused serious damage to the jail. Two staff jail were badly injured during the protest, along with several inmates.

Because of the damage to the jail caused by the inmates parts of the jail were no longer usable, and after the incident some of the inmates were transferred to a makeshift ‘cage’ prison at Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) base at Gan in Addu atoll. The temporary arrangement recently drew criticism for its use of military personnel to handle civilian prisoners.

PA MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakur claimed the government was aware of the situation at Maafushi jail after it was sent a letter by Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), warning of a possible incident, but chose to ignore it.

”I’m saying this based on a report published by HRCM,” he said, claiming the letter was sent on 30 December following a visit to the jail by the commission.

”We cannot do anything more than inform people about these things,” he said, adding that he was not sure why the government had ignored the warning.

”It seems as though there are people more powerful than the president in this government,” he said.

However press secretary for president’s office Mohamed Zuhair disputed Jamal’s claims.

Zuhair said the government had been watching the jails very closely, and ”if we had received information that such a thing was going to happen, would you believe we would wait without taking any action?” he replied.

”These are just people trying to gain fame in politics,” he said.

Jamal said he does not believe Zuhair, saying “he would not know what he is talking about.”

President of HRCM Ahmed Saleem said Jamal’s claims might be in a report, “but I cannot say whether they are true or not.”


5 thoughts on “PA claims government was warned about Maafushi protest”

  1. Saleem, you agree that it might be in a report your commission has produced, but you cant say its true or not. You must be joking? if true its time for you to step down, cause its an indication/symptom that you are getting old

  2. Dear Readers,

    You shouldn't be surprised when PA is involved in matters of concern when it comes to JAIL. Afterall the leader of the PA has so much interest in theseinmates that it has become part of his family.

  3. This is beyond ridiculous! Nowadays it seems anything and everything any tom, dick and harry says is newsworthy! How about checking the facts? How about making sure that the said information was actually printed in the said report? And how about getting a more responsible and accurate response from the President of the HRCM? It is acceptable when for such a serious allegation he just says that he cannot say whether its true or not? For god's sake minivannews, be more professional instead of resorting to reporting gossip and helping parties further their political agendas! I am sure that most of those who read this site, want the truth, not a "he said, she said" story!

  4. I agree with Mariyam.

    And can you believe when I mention the whole incident was master mined by the PA leadership? If you really don't then recall what was happening that day at the parliament. Be more investigative and believe your gut feelings!


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