Police investigating apparent torture and murder of Bangladeshi man on Fuvahmulah

A 25 year-old Bangladeshi man has been found dead in a ditch in Fuvahmulah, with signs suggesting he had been tortured prior to death.

The body of the man, identified by island authorities as ‘Shareef’ who worked as a carpenter in Dhoodigamu ward, was found with his hands tied behind his back and with wire around his neck.

Fuvamulah Island Councillor Ahmed Shareef told Minivan News that the Bangladeshi man was last seen alive two days ago on June 28 at 8:00pm.

”He was with his colleagues at work and left late that night,” Councillor Shareef said. ”Because he was late for work [the next day], his colleagues went to his house and noted that he was missing.”

Councillor Shareef said the body of the carpenter was discovered yesterday by a farmer near his property.

“He had severe injuries to his head, neck and wounds all over his body,” the councillor said. ”He had lots of cash with him and he was about to leave to Bangladesh for vacation. It seems someone robbed him of the money and attacked him.”

Vice President of Fuvahmulah Atoll Council Ali Fazad told newspaper Haveeru that Shareef had injuries around his ears from a sharp object, and appeared to have bled profusely from a blow to the head.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said it was too early in the investigation to confirm motives for the attack, but said that two Bangladeshi nationals had been arrested in connection with the incident, based on information obtained by Fuvahmulah police.

“The body was not far decomposed so [the attack] may have happened recently. We are waiting on the medical report,” Shiyam said.


9 thoughts on “Police investigating apparent torture and murder of Bangladeshi man on Fuvahmulah”

  1. It is really pathetic the Bangalhi High Commissioner has not even made comment or a statement.
    Probably it seems that it is not his business or concern!

  2. every day the same news from 100% muslim country! very soon Maldives will be 100% criminals country/it is punishment from God for egoism and selfishness of many locals /lie and cheating and nothing else there/

  3. No, problem.

    Why they coming here inlligaly, and doing illigal things ?

  4. 1235anni, so r u suggesting every illegal worker in Maldives shud be brutally killed? How ignorance of yours. It is this kind of attitudes by (many) Maldivians that perpatuates violence against expatriates as they are easy targets. The right to life is a basic right both in Islam and man made laws. And, it is a fact that majority of expatriates come to Maldives legally, they just become illegal immigrants because their sponsers violate their responsibilities (pls refer to Dept Immigration reports). Maldivians shud be damnd thankful the expatriate population does not rise against the locals relating such atrocities against them.

  5. @proud Bangaalhi: I was really awe-struck by your powerful comment. Especially the part about ex-pats rising up against locals. This is an important message to Maldivians, have some respect for these guys.

    We went to the park outside the Army headquarters on a Friday, the one with all the pigeons. My son, he is half Maldivian, was four at the time, recognized that the crowd of ex-pats were, "Not real Maldivians, are they Daddy?" After explaining that they did not claim to be or possibly even want to be Maldivians, I wondered, how the hell could my Son tell? It is, I believe, a look on their faces. It is a docile, unambitious, almost glazed look as opposed to the keen, intense aware look on the all too intelligent look on Maldivian faces.

    Fatalism and the need to appear disinterested has been essential for the survival of these guys, therefore, they have been a relatively easy lot to bully.

    BUT if you light a fire for justice in these guys, these guys could do serious damage to your country, seems they are often treated like crap.

    Please treat them with kindness, if they are in your nation legally.

    I have a very simple belief, it can be interpreted, applied in many different ways. If you oppress the poor, the powerless and the sick, you wound
    the heart of God, as the poor are the heart of God. There will be a reckoning.

  6. some our citizens are considering the sark country we are so rich others are so pathetic condition.but actually our existance depends on othres kindness,because even dont have a good
    education system and health system.most of the island still dont have a law and order

  7. The Bangalhi situation in Maldives is gone to the extremes.
    For the locals the problems start when these illegal immigrants do jobs for undercut rates. Whereby small establishments are out of business and forced to shut down.
    Secondly by nature these people are dirty and they create slum in where ever they are living!
    There is a Bangalhi High Commission here; we don’t see this office doing any sort of work to help its citizens!

  8. That's horrible. Maldivians need to start treating all foreign workers with respect. I have no idea why everyone treats them like such trash. They build our houses, they pave our roads and do pretty much everything for us at forced low income with no benefits. And we pay them back by thinking of them of the lowest of the low for being in a situation no one asks for. As a Maldivian I hope they do revolt and strike. The country would reach a stand still. We need to wake up and face facts. The conditions most of them work in and the places they live in are disgusting. We should be ashamed for letting this go on for so long.

    People say "why don't Maldivians work then?". It's because we Maldivians have created these horrible jobs with low pay and no insurance etc that only the desperate will apply for. The conditions and pay of all workers/labourers must be increased before a solution can be reached.


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