Police seize drugs worth Rf2 million (US$155,600)

The Maldives Police Service Drug Enforcement Department (DED) have seized 1.6 kilogram of suspected narcotics from a house in the Maafannu district of Male’.

Head of DED, Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, said the drugs were discovered last Friday when the police raided the house after receiving a tip off.

“There is no connection with the drugs and the people of the house,” said Jinah. “We are now investigating the matter to find the people connected with the case.”

Jinah said the drugs were caught with ‘raw packaging’, as it had been imported.

He said during the last two months drugs worth more than Rf2.5 million drugs were seized, and 40 people arrested in connection with the various cases.

On September 6, police revealed they had uncovered a new drug network operating inside the country, and discovered drugs worth of half a million rufiya.

The drugs were discovered inside a leased apartment in Male’. Four people were arrested in connection with the case.


8 thoughts on “Police seize drugs worth Rf2 million (US$155,600)”

  1. while police is trying their best to take the drugs off the street, the prosecutions are not that successful. but good that nobody claims that the seized drugs are theirs. at least we can dump the seized drugs and limit supply...

  2. I bet US$155,600 that they wont be able to secure a conviction due to shoddy police work.

  3. Police work is excellent and their investigation very modern and thorough. It is the judiciary which requires up-grading.

  4. I think it is quite apparent now that the banning of drugs has not worked. it has neither reduced addiction, nor has reduced the crimes related to drugs.

    "we can dump the seized drugs and limit supply"

    No that will do is actually raise the price of drugs in the black market. Its just one more competitor out (or his stock) of business, and the remaining drug lords will obviously raise prices.
    Since drugs is an addictive substance, this will not reduce usage in anyway.

    I think instead, police should provide these drugs to existing drug addicts for free or very low cost compared to the price available in the black market. That way only, there is any hope of making a dent in this profitable business. Drug lords are just businessmen. The best way to beat them is make them bankrupt by competing.

    So I say, we should legalize or atleast decriminalise drug usage, and treat them as socio-medical problem, rather than a criminal problem.

    Cigarettes (and alcohol in other countries) are legal, and rarely one hears of gang crimes related to cigarettes or alcohol.

  5. what else is new? this time police arrested an apartment while selling drugs!? ealier a car was arrested while selling the drugs? where are the people? why can't they catch the people on scene? how can the PG prosecute an apartment ?

  6. Sell the drugs back to medical firms and use the money for better purposes. After rall there is no one convict, forensic evidence is not accepted by law..so why talk about it.

    You got Haisham in jail...keep the white powder flowing! Crazy world


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