Protesting feminists send underwear to Sheikh

A group of self-styled “underground feminists” calling themselves the ‘Rehendhi’ movement claim to have bombarded Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed with women’s underwear on Valentine’s Day, in protest “against misogyny in Maldivian society.”

A statement from the group was accompanied by pictures of underwear scrawled with statements such as “Make love not war”, “Undies for Fundies”, and “Happy Valentine’s Day Sheikh Fareed”.

The statement condemned the speech ‘With Loved Ones’ given by Sheikh Fareed at the artificial beach in Male’ on 12 January, and stated that “while we do not necessarily promote Valentine’s Day, we will not tolerate messages that [infringe] on our right to celebrate the good things in life like love.”

“We especially will not tolerate the unnecessary framing of women as inherently evil. For example, in his speech Sheikh Fareed criticised men contributing to household chores by ‘running home to buy a fish every time a woman calls’ and implicated them of loving their women more than God.”

The group claimed it wished to remain anonymous “not because we are cowards, but because at the end of the day, we live in a society where the majority is not ready to accept equality between the sexes” and “because we want to be criticised for the issues we take rather than the length of our hijabs.”

undies2The group estimated that between 10-12 women participated in the protest campaign, and said they would continue to “fight the erosion of already scarce liberal attitudes towards women in our society” and “reject overarching and untrue labels such as ‘Americansed’ or ‘Westernised’.”

“We look at our own society and deduce that the suffering of women is directly linked to the strong patriarchal system that breeds harmful prejudices against women, such as their inferiority and servitude to men,” the statement said.

“Sometimes, due to upbringing, formal education and mainstream predominant societal views, women themselves internalise such unfounded and unjustified views of inequality and ‘inherent inferiority’ of women compared to men. We refuse to tolerate any discrimination against women based on Islam and diffuse concepts such as ‘culture.’”

“Our goal is not to negate Quran, Hadith or Islamic principles, but to find women’s rightful place in society in which they can flourish and realise their true potential. We emphasise the fact that many feminists are Muslim women. Working for women’s rights does not mean that one is not a pious and good Muslim.”

Spokesperson for the Islamic Ministry Sheikh Ahmadulla said he would not comment on the issue, as he did not have the authority to give religious advice, but noted that ”according to the law, people have the right to express their opinion.”

undies3President of religious NGO Jamiyyath-al-Salaf, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohamed Ibrahim, also said he did not wish to comment as he had not heard Fareed’s speech, but emphasised that Muslims were not allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

”Valentine’s Day is celebrated by Christians,” he said. ”It is a day connected to a god of Christians named cupid.”

Sheikh Abdullah Jameel also said he did not want to comment on the issue directly because he had not heard Sheikh Fareed’s speech.

”Women and men are not equal if you look how they are created,” he said. ”[For instance] only a few women go fishing or do construction work.”

He emphasised that celebrating Valentine’s Day is prohibited under Islam “even if some group tries to deny it.”

Sheikh Ilyas Hussein said he had not heard of the group or their press statement, but also explained that ”celebrating Valentine’s Day is not part of Islamic culture.”

“It’s a day Christians celebrate saying it was the birthday of someone named Valentine,” Sheikh Ilyas said.

Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed declined to comment.

Correction: An earlier version of this article mistakenly attributed comments made by Sheikh Abdullah Jameel to Sheikh Azmath Jameel. Minivan News has rectified the error and apologises for any confusion caused.


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  1. tell me anyone who celebrates Valentines day because it is the birthday of Cupid (not wait is it soemeone called Valentine), i am confused. Well, the point is whoever celebrate the day celebrates love and not to bow for some christian or greek or any other God, or Saint or Angel. I asked many of my non-muslim friends why they celebrate Valentine's day, and none of them mention any God, or Saint or Angel. So start working on the real issues in the society. I am also surprised how little these Sheikhs know or research before they speak on an issue. It is evident from the interviews outlined in the news that most of them are just babbling. And, when does Islam restrict a man helping his wife in household works. Strange and disturbing.....

  2. Firstly I would wonder, if they were new ones or old ones?

    I am sure many of these feminists would not know what the Valentine's day is! But this is ridiculous! Sheikh has hit his target for sure, bravo Fareed! What he want is attention (in any form) as publicity for the forth coming election in 2013!

    Feminists you have to think of something else!

  3. is it a total conincidence that the type of society fareed & co advocate would also be the type of society in which fareed & co would be most powerful?

    call me a cynic but somehow i think there may be a hidden agenda going on here

    shame them with panties; go girls!

    p.s. i am dying to know who are behind this stunt... and can't wait for their next move. stay in the shadows girls, it is far more exciting that we don't know who you are

  4. Muaz. I agree that knowledge about one's religion is very important. How else could one claim to be a follower? Having read a bit myself, my belief is that Islam is a path of peace and justice - defending oneself yes, but only, and only when EVERY effort at a peaceful resolution of issues has been exhausted. War is the very very last resort.

    I feel that we in Maldives are lucky enough at present to have some space where discussion and debate about Islam is possible, so we should make the best use of this without confrontational acts on any side, to create a nurturing environment where we are able to come to a common middle ground.

    Nothing in life comes in black or white, be it religious beliefs or other things. (Would probably have been easier if it did, because it would require less brain work :)) In reality, many different shades of grey prevail, and issues have to be worked through, using a combination of our core beliefs, guiding moral principles and good old fashioned common sense.

  5. G . Thats funny now. Because the first woman came from a man :P. So how can man be an incomplete female?

    Feminism should exist, it's a good thing. But not in this manner. Just don't consider religion in this, where are your ethics? The point is, don't give a bad name to the people you are fighting for.

    I do agree that woman have to have rights, they have to be heard. DEFINITELY not this way!
    Don't insult sheikh's, maybe some of them have said things that have been misunderstood or interpreted the wrong. But they mean nothing but GOOD.

    And YES women do control men in marriage (some women who want to be equal to man). This is the worst thing in our society, loosing respect for god, family and even keeping distance from your own father and mother. This is what some women do and they call this LOVE. and i believe this is the exact this fareed was trying to point out.

    About valentines day, even though its a day marked for the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, do you think we should celibrate this day? First of all he's a saint, and he ain't even a muslim! Why do we follow such traditions? Why not make a lovers day yourself? Or celibrate your own anniversary? Personally I think every day is a lovers day as long as you have a loving spouse.
    Disrespecting sheikh's when they try to advice the youth is a bad thing. They do it for good, not with bad intentions. Why can't you people/feminists appreciate the amount of work they are trying to do to make this a moderate islam country. Nowadays people do not even know religion properly or even to recite the Quran. Some do not even know how to pray. And after the current government came into power they have done a lot to improve on this, many children and men are appearing in mosques now, many have quit drugs listening to these sheikhs. Thank them, not insult. The more you insult them and disrespect them, you just humiliate yourself.

    This is a 100 percent muslim country, try to live that way

  6. I was present when Almighty Sheikh Fareed took to the stage to convince his herds that Valentines Day is doused in Sin.

    He made it sound like gifting your partner a chocolate on V Day and worshipping a God were mutually exclusive universes that cannot exist simultaneously.

    He also ranted about TV Soaps, History of the Lupercal and Indian celebrities (none of which has anything to do with V-Day, which is an out and out commercial festival)

    The ease with which people buy this inane propaganda is scary.

    As for the 'Rehendhi' campaign, I must say Very clever campaign. I feel this should have started at least a couple of weeks before Valentines Day.

    I loved it when the original 'pink panties' campaign was launched in Bangalore, where assertive Indian women protested far-right Hindu fundamentalists war on V-Day and women in general, by mailing them thousands of Pink panties.

    It was by any measure a huge success. The fundies came out looking ridiculous, and the point was made that their misogynistic attitudes would be met with contempt and ridicule by free women.

  7. As for the assertion by Muad MZ earlier

    " Islam is the only religion on earth which allows its believers to defend themselves when wronged."

    Not true. Even Sikhs and Jews have this explicitly in their religion.

    And eye for an eye?

    Sikhs even carry 'Kirpans' (swords) on
    their person as part of their religion. Even Christians, going by the Crusades and the Inquisitions, have this as part of their religion.

    I say this because lots of people seem to make similar assertions about Islam while betraying a massive ignorance of other beliefs and faiths.

    For instance, the Salaf president's assertion that Cupid is 'a god of the christians'.

    IGNORANCE! Mind numbing ignorance that permeates from their words, which are nothing but talking points they've been brainwashed with at their madrassas.

  8. I beleive in Sheikh Fareeds speech... if you guys beleive or not, wat's rite rite....

    U will be questioned about this & will have to face the punishment, when you are dead & in giyaamaa...

    Think more then once b4 u act...

  9. Sending undies is not solving any problems and only shows how low ideas this group has came up with for awareness campaign. I am sure there will be a lot of other ways to express your views.

    Things to ponder

    1) No one has the right to decide on haram except Allah... So please stick to Quran on whats haram...
    2)Some laws in Maldives do need to be revised to protect women such as on marriage, divorce, child maintanence, poligamy etc..( some of these laws protect the men more)
    3)In this country there is no control on how you live and what you wear..Its is sad that the freedom is being misused.. Modesty is important nevetherless men and women here wear revealing clothes such as bikinis, mini skirts, pluging neck line, and indecently short shorts by men. There should be some rules to ban women wearing plunging neckline, bikini, and mini skirts and for men to wear extremely short shorts... (dont jump into one is forcing you to wear niqab, or purga here... just too much of revealing been seen on the streets.. and this has nothing to do with humann rights)
    3) Openly living together without marriage has become a norm in this society.. its high time to make it difficult for people to just live in...without marriage...and to take actions that discourage illegal sexual relationship. This is all againts teaching of Islam... Its the big sins mentioned in Quran we are talking about here.(Don't you dare giving a statement of its between me and Allah, everyone nex to you has responsibility in guiding you to the right path)

    4)Poligamy should be discouraged if the men do not provide and take care women equally....we are not talking about monetary equality alone here.

    5)Alarming divorce rates need to be reduced. Here we are not saying don't allow divorces, but make people aware that dvorce is the last choice in solving problems. Broken family is the main reason for the spoiled younger generation. Its not because the women are busy working. Men too has responsibility to guide their children to the right path and they too need to help at home. Don't generalize women as suitable to be a home maker only. If she can manage home and work , let her be. Don't put a conditon on her that complete your duties at home before you go out... take turn and help out. Thats the equality we talking about.

    6) No we do not need women to be a president...and never a women can lead prayers for men. Khalifa shall be left for the man. But Vice president could be a women... why not?

  10. Zaheena - you are so very wrong! Your negative words on this brave campaign mirror precisely the views of people who have the views but not the courage to stand up to the bigots.

    Maldives was a matriarchal society - Power to the womens

  11. Only feminists wear this kind of tasteless underwear.
    Proof that feminists lack any sense of fashion.. Sad creatures indeed...

    Lets salute our real women..

  12. I did not comment and nobody from the the so called the "Indipendent News For The Maldives - Minivannews" called me. Minivannews, what are you trying to do in this society?

    Thank you for notifying us of the error in which a comment made by Sheikh Abdullah Jameel was mistakenly attributed to you. We have published a correction and apologise for any confusion caused.

    -Minivan News team

  13. Plain observer: Sorry to say. People should have the freedom to live the way they want.. The extent or fashion they choose can’t be dictated or ruled by things written on stone dated back 1000 years. Our traditional dress 'kasabu jehi libaas' of women is almost neckless: thats our culture. Men and women lived and walked openly on roads with that dress for ages and now u r talkin about having regulations on narrowing it coz of some radical group of men. If we are to slowly digest these changes they enforce bit by bit..first maybe covering necks but eventually they will take over and one day it will be mandatory and we d be asked to wear hijabs and men to get in those freeky nikabok style pants and kurthaa with fosha also 2 foot long beards too.

  14. The real women are those who wear black camel suit with a black mask covering from head to toe.

  15. On no Ali Ahmed. I disagree with your assertions about feminists being tasteless. I once dated a fesminist and what an experience that was! It's like putting hot chilli powder on your morning cornflakes

  16. I am a husband of 24yr old girl,and a father of little daughter, a brother of 5 sisters, and a son of a mother. I love women because I know they are to be loved.
    Why does some of the sisters think the G- String can make them fashionable but to yuor huzband. Show yuor beauty to only him. Thank Allah for giving you that beauty.
    When you go out naked every body look at yuo not because you are beautiful, they look at you because you are naked.

    You are a women you get periods every month, you give birth, you breast feed the babies, you take care of the kids and the house....what a responsible women..may you be blessed.

  17. These women who carried out this are timid and covert. Have no values and display themselves as sex objects by sending these underwears, the cloth that covers their most private part. This action of these people degrades the true values of dignified women. It spoils the whole concept of sensible promotion of women's rights. Of course the sex obsessed men would like acts like this from women who want to be exploited in that line. May Alah save maldivian women from rogue elenets like these among us.

  18. i support both fareed and the feminists. each expressed their own opinions. fareed can respect the feminists for not accepting his speech and the feminists can respect fareed for his religious speech. peace is all we want. the truth is whatever fareed says it doesnt take away even a bit of freedom maldivian women have.

  19. Loved this girls!!! Well done, had I known I would have joined too. This was doen in India last year and had a huge impact. Only being agressive and in their face would we win anything now!!!!

  20. affan: I am sorry to say this too

    Don't make culture more important than religion. I told you we are not talking about forcing anyone to wear such clothes that you mentioned but to be modest and cover the basic.. for you flaunting the cleavage and openly zina may be right but it is not..since you have been given the freedom to do and wear what you like, the results is more exposure in the name of being fashionable...and socializing without a limit..... be fashionable.. wear your latest branded stuff n style but know the limit and be modest..

    We know that you prefer to uphold your tradition and culture by rather walk openly naked or wearing 'kasabu jehi libaas’ instead of upholding what is told to you by your creator.

    That is why we are hoping to have some rules to have somekind of civilized living in muslim country...Allah has given human brains to think and allowed Shaiytan to test your senses....And most of the time human prefer to follow shaitan way rather than Allah's way..

    So please continue living like the way you want but don't make you mom, dad, sister, wife, husbands, children carry part of your sins. It is every ones duty to spread islam and to guide others to the right path. And the carry the burden as you sin too..

  21. Plain Observer: if a women chooses not to wear what u called modest dressing. I think she has the right ... fareed or any sheikh ( apparently all of them are men) has no right to rule over women choice of clothing modest or hijabs.. like Islam dose not force anything to anyone. The fact that women are different than men and other way around gives no right to holy men (fareed and gang) to dictate what women wear. Who knows the reason sheikhs want hijabs on women is maybe its more sexy for them to see women in hijab than seen the cleavage as u described..

  22. the so called feminists are nothing but HYPOCRITES.... u speak of freedome of speech and u go on do somethin this degrading....u seem like bunch of teeenage girls ...heheh the jokes on u.

  23. All of you who call this a coward act are so inconsiderate. this is one of the most courageous thing happened in recent history after fall of maumoon. Though they call them secret or under ground they know they can be traced but they took the risk and faced them real smart. And this is not tom, dick and hary they stood against to. These people they stood against are extremist trained in Afghanistan border camps and other Islamic military camps. They were trained to hate than real knowledge in islam. Good work Group Rhendhi..hope more of theses groups of different types like advocates and activists come out and wipe these rising elements in our society..way to go rehendhi…

  24. Feminism is more dangerous than Islamic radicalism. These two movements may be polar opposites in ideology but both are fundamentalist movements...

    Both movements have destroyed culture and tradition.

  25. Sending your panties to a sheikh is both disrespectful and shameful, you all should be ashamed of yourself.

    The sheikh is trying to point u in the right direction, using up his time to guide you, sacrificing his day for your own sakes and this is the response?

    Doesn't that remind u of all the Prophets of the past and their followers who when joined ppl to do good, got a bad response. You're all behaving like the ignorant ones and although you laugh about it now, it will be a case of sorrow for u on the day of Judgment.

    For the women who took part in this shameless act, I can only say that you either have no self respect or your just completely weak ppl who have nothing better to do in life. Instead of worship (like what we were created for) you send out panties. If u had any strength or confidence in yourselves you wouldn't be "underground" and this display that you have done only proves how pathetic you all are. Truly pathetic.

    May God guide you, and if you don't want to be guided then may you rot in hell.

  26. Mariam,

    "The sheikh is trying to point u in the right direction, using up his time to guide you, sacrificing his day for your own sakes and this is the response?"

    We would much prefer if the gentleman would stay in the mosque - or even better, at home than try to impose his narrow vision of what a woman should be like.

    The women who took part in this are not those with no 'self respect'. Just the opposite. They're rebelling against being crushed under the weight of a misogynist dogma being spread by your beloved Sheikh.

    As for the movement being underground, you must be kidding me! The Sheikhs are todays Gayyoom. I fully understand when a Maldivian woman has to cower behind anonymity just to make a statement asserting herself.

    It reflects on the society, and the collective failure of you and me, that a Dhivehi woman cannot - in 2010 - make her voice be heard - without having to worry about her physical safety.

    So much for free society.

  27. It is absurd that these womens are so coward being anonymous ostensibly to promote the rights of muslim women and to send an underwear to the Sheikh. This witness that there motive is not sincere.

    Also, I advocate the view of Jenny. Islam does validate the rights of women. However, this needs to be confined to the limitation of religion. Prophet (PBUH) mentions in his last sermon "O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you". And therefore this does statement does not need to be exploited, distorted and shape to the paradigm of Western cultures where women appears on the television shows blabbering overtly about the husband wife sex relationship etc.

    It is witnessed from the biography of Prophet (PBUH) that he has laid the most perfect foundation to nurture and protect the womens right, especially living in a chauvinistic society. Prophet's (PBUH) does not obstruct the business of his first wife Khadeeja (May Allah be pleased with her) and she has involved in many activities in the society such as philanthropic invlovements. Prophet's (PBUH) most beloved wife Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) has played pivotal role in the narration of Prophet Hadhees and participated actively in the political life too.

  28. Definetly Cowards, i myself was there when sheikh fareedh gave his speech, among u there are only 10-12 womens , but there were more than 300 womens who attended that day , and they and we were happy abt it , our emaan got stronger , to us everyday is a valentines day , everyday we share our love and we are loved. If u guys so are so brave , seriously y dont u go fishing in boats , y dont u be constrution workers, Ha! kindly leave us alone and let us live peacefully , we dont protest wen u guys celebrated valentines day , i guess u guys just jelous cos with Allah's blessing most of the ppl didnt celebrate this yrs valentines day..

    May Allah guid u all to the true Path ,

  29. Mithiba moya meehunthakaa!! islam dheen nasru veri vaane!! islam dheen nasruveri kuravvaanee allah SWT!! handhaan bahattaathi!! Kaley menn islam dheenah kuraa jessumaa thuraalaa undhagoo, allah kaley menah rahdhu kurahvaane!! Kaley menn kahala thandhoru nudhanna jaahilun vanee meege kurinves dhuniye dhekefa!! ekamaku, islam dheen nasru veri vee hindhu, ebai meehun jehunee muslimun kurimatheega kuda kakoo jahan!! Handhaan bahattaathi!! kaley menn thigothuga thibegen maru vejjeyyaa, veyndhenivi gothuga kaleymenah allah azaabu thayyaaru kuravvaafa eba huri!! allah SWT, ekalaange haggu dheen himaayaih kuravvaane!! islaam dheenakee gadharu veringe dheeneh!! Kaleymenge undhagoo kaley menah rahdhu kurahvaane!! Islaam dheenahtakaa aharumen dhe aih ufulaa mi kuraa dhua, hus koh rahdheh nukuravvaane!! Yaa allah, islaam dheenuge adhuhvun bali kuravvaa, islaam dheenuge dhushmanun balikuravvaashi!! adhi Allah ge haggu dheen, munaafigunge kurimatheegaa nasru veri kuravvaashi!! ameen!!

  30. "”Valentine’s Day is celebrated by Christians,” he said. ”It is a day connected to a god of Christians named cupid.”

    HAHAHAHA. Sheikhs flaunt their ignorance again. As far as I (wikipedia) know, cupid in the 'god' sense was from Roman mythology. Christians have either one god, or their celebrate the trinity of gods (father son holy spirit). Is the Sheikh creating his own version of some religion?

  31. “Beautified is the life of this world for those who disbelieve, and they mock at those who believe. But those who obey Allaah’s Orders and keep away from what He has forbidden, will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allaah gives (of His Bounty, Blessings, Favours, and Honours on the Day of Resurrection) to whom He wills without limit”

    [al-Baqarah 2:212]

    “And it will be said: ‘This Day We will forget you as you forgot the Meeting of this Day of yours. And your abode is the Fire, and there is none to help you.’

    This, because you took the Revelations of Allaah (this Qur’aan) in mockery, and the life of the world deceived you. So this Day, they shall not be taken out from there (Hell), nor shall they be returned to the worldly life (so that they repent to Allaah, and beg His Pardon for their sins)”

    [al-Jaathiyah 45:34-35]

  32. It appears to me that People of all other faiths except Islam have no problem in celebrating Valentine's day. Jews, Buddhists, hindus, Christians, everyone are celebrating it.

    The fact that Sheikh Fareed wanted to attack a global cultural event shows his attempt to radicalize our society and isolate Muslims from the the world community. Whey should Fareed or anyone else for that matter involve religion in this particular event?

    Thumbs up for those women who sent the great gifts to Fareed.

  33. "Those who reject Our Signs, We shall soon cast them into the Fire. As often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty. For Allah is Exalted in Power, All-Wise" (4:56)

    "If only the unbelievers knew [the time] when they will not be able to ward off the Fire from their faces, nor yet from their backs, and [when] no help can reach them!" (21:39)

    "The Day that their faces will be turned upside down in the Fire, they will say, "Woe to us! Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger." (33:66)

  34. Fatimah bint Abdil Malik, the wife of the Khalifah Umar ibn Abdil-Aziz said, "I have never seen a person offering salah or fasting more than he did, or a person fearing the Lord more than him. After offering Salat-ul-Isha, he would sit down and cry until he becomes sleepy, then he would wake up again and continue crying until sleep overtakes him."

    Amir ibn Abdullah was once asked, "How can you tolerate being awake all night, and thirsty in the intense heat of the day?" He replied, "Is it anything more that postponing the food of the day to night-time, and the sleep of the night to daytime? This is not a big matter." When the night came, he would say, "Remembrance of the heat of hellfire has taken sleepiness from me." And he would not sleep until dawn.

  35. Bravo to those who initiated this extremely brave move - it is about time that people who really know and respect Islam or people who simply believe in tolerance speak out. Our society today is moving towards dangerous path - when God becomes the sole purpose of life, it becomes an obsessive behaviour and people will tend to do irrational things - we are already beginning to see such things - people have started to endorse such extremist behaviour and they are willing to go as far as changing school uniforms in the schools. This is exactly how it started out in Afghanistan several decades ago. I am a Muslim and respect Islam very much. But, I will never listen, and will never tolerate these peoples preaching - because they are not genuine in their cause - their agenda is to have complete control of the society, rape their women, send their male children to fight, make money of the opium trade (coming from Afghanistan)and ensure heroin addiction worsens in the Maldives. Be very careful people. If they get more organised than they are now, its a direct threat to our peace, security and to our faith.

  36. @all the atheists
    Suppose one of the true believer dies..and whether GOD exists or not, both ways he will do fine (by Mercy of Allah)

    Then suppose all of a sudden one of you atheist dies..suppose GOD does not exist are fine and nothing happens..RIGHT!..but WHAT IF... GOD exists..then you are in GREAT GREAT GREAT DANGER...

    He said: “Then his soul is returned to his body, and there come to him two angels who make him sit up and they say to him, ‘Who is your Lord?’ He says, ‘Oh, oh, I don’t know.’ They say, ‘What is your religion?’ He says, ‘Oh, oh, I don’t know.’ Then a voice calls out from heaven, ‘Prepare for him a bed from Hell and clothe him from Hell, and open for him a gate to Hell.’ Then there comes to him some of its heat and hot winds, and his grave is constricted and compresses him until his ribs interlock. Then there comes to him a man with an ugly face and ugly clothes, and a foul stench, who says, ‘Receive the bad news, this is the day that you were promised.’ He says, ‘Who are you? Your face is a face which forebodes evil.’ He says, ‘I am your evil deeds.’ He says, ‘O Lord, do not let the Hour come, do not let the Hour come.’”

    Narrated by Abu Dawood, 4753; Ahmad, 18063 – this version was narrated by him. Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 1676.

    “Surely, those who disbelieved in Our Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), We shall burn them in Fire. As often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for other skins that they may taste the punishment”

    [al-Nisa’ 4:56]

    “The disbelievers pretend that they will never be resurrected (for the Account). Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم): Yes! By my Lord, you will certainly be resurrected, then you will be informed of (and recompensed for) what you did; and that is easy for Allaah”

    [al-Taghaabun 64:7]

    And know Allah truly exists and Mohamed (pbuh) is HIS last messenger..and billions of people in this world will testify for this..

    our Islamic scholars have said atheism is worse than the major shirk or polytheism..

  37. And this is what your professor hawking says in his book brief history of time

    If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang had been
    smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million,
    the universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its
    present size

    Paul Davies says:
    It is hard to resist that the present structure of the universe, apparently
    so sensitive to minor alterations in the numbers, has
    been rather carefully thought out… The seemingly miraculous
    concurrence of numerical values that nature has assigned to her
    fundamental constants must remain the most compelling evidence
    for an element of cosmic design.

  38. To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. No son has He begotten, nor has He a partner in His dominion. It is He who created all things, and ordered them in exact measure. (Al- furuqan, verse 2)

  39. Dear Mudkip, why dont you check the article in the minivannews saying "those who desire paradise"...can u read that...and pls find that whether we had only used Quran n hadiths to defeat the so called brainy broad minded in this article we can rite thousands n thousands of comments n defeat cowards like you....!! you guys try to sound smart but are loosers.....!! in other words you guys r jus trying to be "GADHAAA"...n u can only comment on these articles only...but no if you want to defeat cowards like you we ca do it anyway we want INSHA ALLAH. either hadiths, Quran or other sources...etc.. n remember dont even try to challenge the QURAN okay.....!! n pls do read a gud translation of the Quran b4 opening ur mouth...cheers dude

  40. Abu Talkah Radiyallahu 'Anhu says: "We complained to Rasulullah
    Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam about the severe pangs of hunger, and
    showed him the stones fastened on our stomachs. A stone was fastened
    on the stomach of every one of us due to severe hunger. Rasulullah
    Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam showed us two stones fastened onto his
    stomach". (Sayyidina Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam experienced
    more hunger than we did, and he had spent a longer period than
    us since he had last eaten).

  41. Abu Hurayrah Radiyallahu 'Anhu says: "Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi
    Wasallam performed so many nawaafil prayers that his legs swelled.
    Someone said to him, you take so many pains, whereas you have been
    given the good news that your past and future sins have been forgiven?
    He replied: 'Should I not be a gratefu! servant"'.

  42. Dear Samba..beat it boy. What dose god has to say to those who fake there names. And i wonder why all the jihadhees of Maldives simply love commenting on minivanews// is this the pentagon webpage or something of that sort

  43. btw..we need o have some arabic reader installed to read the comments ..are most of these generated from saudhi arabian readers of minivannews. Minivanews seems to have a good reader diversity i guess


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