Three suspects arrested in Manik murder investigation

Police have arrested three individuals in connection with the alleged murder of oil businessman Hussain Mohamed Manik, who found dead inside an abandoned house on Hoarafushi in Haa Alifu Atoll yesterday.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said it was “too early in the investigation for police to release information”, however newspaper Haveeru published the names of those it claimed were the suspects and said they were Hoarafushi natives of 18-25 years of age.

Manik”s alleged murder has gripped the country and triggered uproar among the islanders, who have blamed the incident on gang attacks and set several huts on fire in retaliation.

Media reported yesterday that Manik’s hands were tied behind his back with rope, and that the body was lying on the ground in a prone position when discovered. An island official told Minivan News that there were no injuries on the outside the body.

President Mohamed Nasheed has meanwhile issued a statement of condolences to members of the bereaved family, while the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has “strongly condemned the violation of the right to life”, and called on “concerned state institutions” to “take strong action against such inhuman activities.”

Islanders have reported that oil is unobtainable on Hoarafushi since Manik’s death.


3 thoughts on “Three suspects arrested in Manik murder investigation”

  1. HEP sending condolence to the family is a good gesture, but I wonder if he did for all those who died in the last 2 years or its because the deceased was a close buddy of HEP. Wouldnt have been also good a strong message from him condeming this criminal act and that he would ensure safety of the people?

    Oh yeah he is too busy practicing to fix the Solar Panel at Mulee-aage.

  2. Hoarafushi Rayyithun should hire the help of Machchangolhi Buru to bash the island gangs out of Hoarafushi. Will be more effective than the police, MNDF and the Govt. After all its not that bad to engage such means for better Protection. Even Yante does the same.

  3. @Rationale & Radhun,

    The community also has some obligations against the safety of the families in an island. I am sure the gangs are not chinese, neither european nor american..but Maldivian and more likely same family or relatives.

    I think instead of coming to their level, how about the community do something about this..If all the kids fight, den all brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters are there to stop it. That even what HEP is trying to tell stand up to ourselves.

    To start with, fighting brother and brother is stupid. Govt needs to run educational campaigns for families if they need to reduce gang violence bcz every gang member belongs to a family.

    My condolences with the deceased and family.God bless.


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