Multiple lorry accidents when garbage truck collides with oil truck

A garbage truck yesterday collided with a parked oil truck near T-jetty on Boduthakurufaanu magu.

Police reported that the garbage truck, after hitting the oil truck, lost control and hit another small lorry before impacting with the wall of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) base ‘Kalhuthuhkalakoshi’.

The oil truck then rebounded and hit another parked lorry, which hit yet another vehicle.

Police reported that the accident caused damage to many vehicles but nobody was injured.


Bangladeshi national died in boat accident

A Bangladeshi national working on a boat belonging to Sony Hardware in Malé died on Sunday afternoon.

The boat, named Assidha, was unloading cargo from Thilafushi at the T-Jetty.

The incident was originally reported to police as an accident between a boat and a crane, but was later discovered that the man was loosening the anchor rope on the boat and his chest hit the bow of the boat.

He was taken to IGMH but died during treatment.


Man stabs child in front of police officers and flees on motorbike

Two men on a motorbike stabbed a 16 year old child in front of two police officers last night on Ameenee Magu near Imadudeen School, before fleeing.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that the two police officers were investigating a motor vehicle accident when the incident occurred.

”A car and motorbike hit each other and police were investigating the accident,” Shiyam said. ”The victim was the person on the back seat of the motorbike which hit the car.”

Shiyam said the boy’s condition was not very serious.

”He is now hospitalised in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital,” Shiyam said.

He said that the police ran after the two men but did not manage to catch them.

He said that case was under investigation and he was unable to give further details.

A witness at the scene told Minivan News the boy was stabbed in two places right in front of the police, at 8:45pm.

”He injured his lungs and arm during the incident,” the man said.

The witness added that bystanders ran after the pair when the boy shouted in pain, but the two men managed to flee.

He said a team of forensic police came and discovered a knife under a parked pick-up behind Imaduddeen school.

He said that the road was bright and there were a lot of people on the street when the incident occurred.

There was also a stabbing near the Central Hotel last week and a man was seriously injured.

He has since been taken to Sri Lanka for medical treatment.


20 year-old dies in speeding motorcycle accident

A 20 year-old man died yesterday afternoon when his speeding motorcycle crashed into a tree in Noonu Kendhikulhudhoo.

The attending doctor at Kendhikulhudhoo Health Centre said the man had died before reaching hospital.

Police reported the motorcycle was completely damaged and Manadhoo police are investigating the accident further.


Serious accident in Thinadhoo

Two 19 year olds were seriously injured in an automobile accident in Gaaf Dhaalu Thinadhoo.

A car and motorcycle collided into each other and left both badly damaged, police report.

The accident happened on Aabaadhee Higun around 7:00 pm last night.

Both of the victims are receiving treatment at Thinadhoo Regional Hospital.


Man dies after falling off motorbike

A man died last night after falling off the back of a motorcycle in Thinadhoo.

According to police, 19 year-old Ahmed Mohamed of Tharuvaas Gaaf Dhaalu Thinadhoo fell off the back of a motorbike and sustained serious injuries to his head and his body.

Mohamed was being treated in the intensive care unit of the Thinadhoo regional hospital, however he passed away this morning.

Police reported that the driver of the motorbike was another 19 year-old who held the appropriate driving license and registration documents, and are currently investigating the cause of the accident.


Second accident victim dies

The passenger on the motorbike involved in the accident on the Seenu Hithadhoo link road has died.

Of the three people involved in the accident, Rukshaan is the second person to die including the driver of the car, Moosa Didi.

The passenger, 19 year-old Rukshaan Ali, died while receiving emergency treatment at IGMH.

According to Haveeru, Rukshaan sustained many broken bones including his hips and legs.


Man dies in serious accident

A man who was involved in a serious road accident on the Addoo link road yesterday morning has died from his injuries.

The 43 year old man was driving a car which was involved in a head on collision with a motorcycle heading in the opposite direction. He died while being treated in the Hithadhoo hospital.

The two motorcyclists, aged 19 and 21, were flung into the ocean. They are now being treated for their injuries.


Motorcycle accident on Boduthakurufaanu Magu

Two motorcyclists were involved in an accident last night on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.

According to police, the accident occured near the track stadium at 9.15 pm.

One of the victims, 20, had a fractured leg and the other, 23, had minor injuries. Both are now being treated at Indria Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), and police are investigating the case.