Adhaalath Party MP calls on Supreme Court to “temporarily ban” MDP

The religious conservative Adhaalath Party MP Ibrahim Muthalib has called on the Supreme Court protect itself from derogatory remarks by temporarily banning the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

While briefing the press yesterday (October 13), Muthalib stated that the MDP was a militant organisation working to destroy the nation and its religion.

He stressed that it was imperative and necessary for Supreme Court to take action in defending the nation and Islam.

“Supreme Court needs to self-initiate a ruling to ban the MDP for a couple of days. All these things will be sorted out if [the Supreme Court] bans the MDP. If the court does not resort to such measures, these problems [of defaming the Supreme Court] will continue,” Muthalib suggested.

“Firstly, they survived in Maldivian politics by speaking of the thirty-year autocratic rule [of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom] for four years. From 2004 to 2008, the only thing that these people spoke of was about those thirty years.” explained Muthalib.

“Now, it is the Supreme Court [which MDP has targeted].”

The remarks came shortly after Adhaalath had publicly announced its support for the Supreme Court case to bar MDP presidential candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed from competing in the presidential elections scheduled for Saturday (October 19).

The case, filed by the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Council Member Ibrahim ‘Wadde’ Waheed and President of the ‘Madhanee Iththihaadh’ (Civil Alliance) Sheikh Mohamed Didi, was quickly condemned by incumbent President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

The PPM leadership also announced it was in negotiation with its own council member to withdraw the case.

Nasheed himself has repeatedly maintained that such attempts would not succeed and that such efforts were “not even newsworthy”. His MDP has meanwhile described Muthalib’s remarks as being against against all democratic norms.

Chief Justice overpowered by the MDP, Nasheed a criminal

Muthalib also went onto criticise Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain – one of the three judges to have opposed the decision to annul the first round of the presidential election – claiming that he had been “overpowered” by the MDP.

He reminded Faiz that he was not appointed to the Supreme Court by Nasheed, but rather it was “Allah who had given him that post through his will”.

The Adhaalath MP urged the Chief Justice to work independently and without bias. He did, however, point out that his remarks did not represent the official view of the Adhaalath Party.

When asked about the remarks made by Muthalib during the press conference, the Vice President of Adhaalath Party, Dr Mauroof Hussain said that it was up to the Elections Commission to take action against the MDP, though he did condemn the party’s criticism of the court.

“Where else in the world [does] a political party do such things? A political party has called to disregard a ruling issued by the highest court of law in the country. If such a thing is carried out in any other democratic party, be it a political party or a state institution, they would face immediate dissolution,” Mauroof told the press.

MP Muthalib himself has been linked to several controversies, both for his frequent party switching and his remarks in parliament.

He was originally elected to parliament as an independent candidate – despite being a member of Adhaalath – before joining the Jumhooree Party (JP) in 2011.

Just months later, however, he resigned from the party, rejoining the Adhaalath Party.

Last November 2012, Muthalib made a call in parliament for former President Nasheed’s Special Envoy Ibrahim Hussain Zaki to be “hanged to death” as a “traitor to the Maldives”.

He is also a sponsor of the bill seeking amendment to the Clemency Act that if passed would would require any death sentence then upheld by the Supreme Court to be carried out. The bill is still pending in parliament.

Responding to the remarks, MDP Spokesperson Imthiyaz Fahmy told Minivan News today (October 14) that the Adhaalath Party was working not only against the progress of the country, but also against human nature.

“These people do not comprehend the fact that we are now living in the 21st century. This country has fully adopted and accepted the multiparty political system… Their backward thinking will lead them to their fateful end as people are not ready to accept such remarks,” Fahmy told Minivan News.

Fahmy also pointed out that the people were not willing to support political parties that are attempting to drag the country back to the dictatorship of former President Gayoom.

“These kind of remarks made by such immature political parties is one reason behind the immense support gained by the MDP. The people know that it was the MDP and its supporters who paid the price to bring in democratic reforms in the country that allowed the people to freely voice their political opinion. Calling to ban the MDP is an attempt to destroy the democracy in the Maldives,” He added.


21 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party MP calls on Supreme Court to “temporarily ban” MDP”

  1. I like Imthiyaz Fahmy. He is a brave man who speaks the truth.

    Ibrahim Muthalib on the other hand, belongs in the 16th century but sadly, as no one has yet invented time travel, the Maldives is stuck with him!


  2. It's not worth writing anything involving this tw*t. Between the two mushrooms sprouting from his head, there's a large empty space in between.

    On 19th October, people will show idiots like this where real power lies.

  3. What Adalat/PPM/JP et. al. need to figure out is whether they have any wish to maintain democracy in the Maldives - even a slightly authoritarian version of it.

    If so, then my advice is refrain from praising/defending/being associated with the judiciary, the security forces or Parliament during a campaign. All three institutions are very much maligned by the people and anyone throwing their lot in with those institutions will lose precious votes during a campaign.

    The best thing would be to provide those institutions with the resources to defend themselves and press for urgent reforms, even cosmetic ones in the short-term. Or else those institutions will spell your own doom at the ballot.

  4. The Adhaalath Party sits well with the definition of 'prostitute'. What else can you expect from a bunch of retards? I really don't know from where MAldivians find the likes of Muttalib.

  5. This is final proof that Adhaalath Party are not the voice of Islam. If they were as pure as they claim they would have nothing to fear allowing MDP to stand at the election, because Allah would ensure their righteous party would be elected without the intervention of the corrupt Supreme Court.

    The fact is they are power crazed peddlers of hatred and falsehoods.

  6. Along with rationality their instincts of self preservation has fled. Who benefits from frivolous orders from the tainted court?

    Dear JP-Adaalath-PPM,

    A humkum a day keeps the elections away. But only temporarily. While your voter base declines permanently.

  7. What an admirable goal. The MDP have no respect for our judicial institutions or for our democracy. Due to their persistent opposition to reasonable precautions to verify voter identities, they have no place contesting in a free and fair election.

  8. If only, at least, one member in Adaalat Party said
    Once that so called Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed should be removed and prosecuted for adultery, then may be we Maldivians would have felt some degree of respect for them. With what this camel riding 15th century man said now, we hate Adaalath.

  9. The PPM/JP/Adhalath marriage is digging their political grave. They should have taken their 30-40% combined voter base and gone home. But with this kind of stupidity they are slowly losing the few remaining young voters they have.

    Just stop this crap and let the country move forward.

  10. Well said by all of you. As a tourist one would not believe there is an ounce of education or logical intelligence in this Maldives government.

  11. This numpty is in fact condoning the adulterous and anti-Islamic behaviour of the Supreme Court judge. Adhaalath should be banned permanently!

    Observing all the news in the Maldives is like reading a steroid version of Animal Farm. Maldivians deserve better than these aspirant Pol Pots who would love nothing more than to drag all Maldivians into the dark ages.

  12. You guy in the Picture, Please stay in-front a mirror and see how ugly you are. Allah has punished you still in this world.

  13. “Supreme Court needs to self-initiate a ruling to ban the MDP for a couple of days. All these things will be sorted out if [the Supreme Court] bans the MDP. If the court does not resort to such measures, these problems [of defaming the Supreme Court] will continue,”

    It would rather be better that the Supreme Court needs to first clear themselves of the case of the "white underwear", and you clear yourself of being slapped on the road, by people to who you owe money before making such remarks at whoever!

  14. @Dhivehi Hanguraama on Mon, 14th Oct 2013 4:37 PM

    "What an admirable goal. The MDP have no respect for our judicial institutions or for our democracy..."

    Not you again! As I've said before, with video evidence, what's stopping this 100% Islamic Republic from stoning to death, Ali Hameed as prescribed in Islamic Sharia?

    As I've mentioned before, video evidence is perfectly acceptable in the Islamic Republic of Iran. And before you dare open your mouth about Shia vs Sunni rubbish, let me remind you of your own reverence to Imam Khomeini:
    "As those to those who preach such nonesense; the Ayatu’llah Khomeini would have garroted them on the spot, may his name ever be praised."

    Does the work Munafiq come to mind at all?

  15. Correction:

    "Does the work Munafiq come to mind at all?" should read

    "Does the word Munafiq come to mind at all". And yes, Dhivehi Hanguraama, as in your own words:

    "... the Ayatu’llah Khomeini would have garroted Ali Hameed on the spot, may his name ever be praised.”

  16. @Suvadheeb,

    I respect the Ayatullah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised, for his progressive attitude towards women's rights which resonates with my own views and because he replaced the Shah's secular tyranny with an Islamic Republic.

    This does not mean I agree with him on his school of fiqh or that Shia jurisprudence would ever be appropriate for our country.

    In any event, through the application of Ijtihad there is room for diversity of thought with reference to the Sharia and the required evidence necessary to convict someone of hudood transgressions.

    In my humble opinion allowing video evidence to convict Ali Hameed of Zina should be considered inapplicable bid'ah. To deem otherwise simply would not be in the best interests of our religion, democracy and constitution, of which our Supreme Court are the most effective and reliable safeguard.

  17. @muthalib.

    You will see this time who Allah favours.

    Anni will win, not (only) because people want him and people votes, elects him, but BECAUSE it's Allah's will.

  18. @Ahmed Bin Addu

    You're mistaken on that regard. See, cult clerics are above shari'a law. When their priests rape and murder children, they get a light slap on the wrist. But when peasants like us kiss each other, we're condemned to jail in the name of 'morals'.

    It will go on, until the peasants arm themselves and overthrow the clergy in a violent, bloody revolution where every savagery (from genocidal mass-executions to nerve gas use) is exacted upon the so-called elites.

  19. @Dhivehi Hanguraama: Allowing video evidence... ...should be considered inapplicable bid’ah."

    I used to understand such statements as parody, an exaggeration of the conventional understanding of the concept of bid'ah in order to degrade the lifestyle of the few remaining Bedu (Bedouin) and a few corrupt Qadi's.

    But, here's the crazy part, such statements are not exaggerating the extent this concept has been applied at all!

    In the 1700's the first disciples of Sheikh-ul Islam Mohammed ibn-Abdul Wahhab refused to use the guns offered by the British to fight their rivals. They believed that doing such would have been Bid'ah. Their rivals on the other hand, happily accepted the British offer of the use of their rifles, and slaughtered the HELL out of the Wahhabi's by simply shooting these sword swinging wild men down! Needless to say, the Wahabbi's very quickly changed their understanding of the way this concept of bid'ah was to be applied, to make it refer to innovation in religious ritual only (prayer, fasting, pilgrimage etc...) Wahhab declared the gates of ijtihad re-open (a point many modern day "literalists" should realize) and made it Halal to accept the use of British firepower.

    And that's the way it is for religious judges and leaders, from every religion I have come across! If it suit's their own will to power, bid'ah is ok! But if it doesn't, it's Haraam!

    It should no longer be the lust for power which dictates how scripture is interpreted and applied. THAT practice, so common in the religious world, is SHIRK, worship of the self - (Ibadah Al-Naffs!) The pressing need for the Truth (Al-Haqq) and justice for ALL needs to dictate how scriptures, rulings, principles, are understood, interpreted and applied, because that ALONE would be true obedience to Allah who is the Just, the Truth, the Compassionate, the Merciful, so that alone would be the only TRUE Ibadah!


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