Shahum arrested on an uninhabited island in Meemu Atoll

Police have arrested Ibrahim Shahum Adam, 20, G.Kouzy while he was on an uninhabited island in Meemu Atoll.

He was arrested this morning around 7:00 am, said police on their website.

According to police, four others who were with him on the island were also arrested.

Police have been searching for Shahum for the investigation of the death of Ahusan Basheer, Seenu Hithadhoo, Varudhee who was allegedly murdered by a gang on March 17.

Previously police has appealed the public to report sightings of Shahum after the murder case and also warned the public not to confront him as ‘’he is too dangerous.’’

This is the second murder charge against Shahum. He was recently arrested in connection with the murder of a 17 year-old boy near Maaziya football ground in Maafannu.

Shahum was arrested and kept in detention for six months and was released by the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed.

Judge Abdulla said that Shahum had been kept in detention six months for investigation and that no probable evidence was brought against him to further hold him in detention and queried the police as to why their investigation was not concluded after six months.

Police answered that they were unable to conclude the investigation as the Health Ministry had not provided the medical-legal report on the death of the 16 year-old boy.

Keeping someone in detention for six months for not getting a response from the health ministry was ‘’too much’’, said the judge, explaining that there were rights of persons kept in detention and released him.

Ahusan Basheer was murdered last Thursday in Alikileygefaanu magu, one of the main roads in Male’.

Local media reported Basheer’s family saying that he was not dead when he was first taken to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), and that inside the vehicle on the way to the hospital he had told the police officers who attacked him before dying.

Basheer’s family also said that according to sources at IGMH Basheer’s body was left in the Accidents and Emergency Room without any treatment provided for more than an hour, because the hospital wanted to identify who he was and to contact his family.

His family told local newspapers that he went out late that night to buy a cigarette and that was the last his family saw him alive.

After the death of Basheer, police conducted special operations in Male’ to curb the rise in gang violence in Male’ and arrested 47 persons who were not related to the murder case, according to Chief Judge Abdulla.

Most of the persons among the arrested 47 were brought before the court with no probable grounds to be arrested, he added.


12 thoughts on “Shahum arrested on an uninhabited island in Meemu Atoll”

  1. Oh, please. Why do it? Let him go.

    This time it will be either the SHE (society for health care) or the fisheries ministry, that police will be asking for some witnesses, or try to lift fingerprints on the boat they travelled. And 8 monthly later, they would not have got any clue, evidence what so ever.

    Free again, they will go.

    Judges will blame home ministry, Police will blame Education ministry, while defense ministry will say they dont have to answer anybody....

  2. i agree with the judge. you can't keep this person indefinitely when he has not been CONVICTED of any crime. that is how maumoon operated during his rule. a guy can be taken on suspicion of anything and just kept in jail for months before being released back then and he would be found innocent. by that time he would have lost his kathivalhi, koshi dhandu and mariyanbu...its different now. people have rights...

  3. Policemen can wear bangles and go pole dancing the name of police,the Maldivian police service is a crying shame to the country! Police fear the goons and shake in their shoes when they see them...there's more crime in this country than an unarmed police man can manage..In the Maldives the police are not allowed to use guns,so how can they handle these dangerous criminals if they have no guts?

  4. Yeah take the blame away from your beloved judge. Let him free more murderers, thieves and conartists.

  5. You (Y): Who's the chief judge in the Criminal Court?

    Anyone Else (AE): Abdulla Mohamed.

    Y: Which Abdulla Mohamed?

    AE:The guy who was caught by the former Attorney General Dr.Hassan Saeed in a small situation.

    Y: What situation?

    AE: The situation in which the judge was asking some boys in the courtroom to rehearse the same act performed by their homosexual molester.

    Y: Did the AG report the case? If so to whom? By what method? And how do you know it's true?

    AE: Yes, to the president of the Maldives. By a letter. Dr. Hassan Saeed's letter at the President's Office.

    Y: Who was the president at that time?

    AE: President Gay-yoom.

    Y: Any actions?

    AE: Not much, apart from raising the salaries.

  6. looks like dirty politics is getting everywhere.... why was he release earlier coz of a medical report - the poor guy is dead, the report does not specify the murderer... lousy excuse to free such a dangerous criminal to society.

  7. This is utterly madness!

    If law and enforcement, the government and the judiciary cannot allow innocent peoples to walk the streets in safety; the People can do it as Naifaru has proved it!

  8. If police should have released the news to media the report will process very soon. If police can't get something required they should not be silent.

  9. sarcasm wont do you any good, it just shows how immature you are when it comes to serious stuff like this, i say kill the murderer infront of the people at jumhooree maidhaan


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