Police arrest four men for attempted sexual assault of 15 year-old girl

Police have arrested four men on accusations of attempting to sexually assault a 15 year-old girl on Nolhivaramfaru in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

According to Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam, the girl was attacked by the four men on Sunday night. The girl escaped the attempted assault with no injuries, he said.

Local news outlet Sun reported that the girl was attacked while “out on a date with her boyfriend” around midnight. The pair tried to escape but the girl was caught by the group and threatened with a knife to perform sexual acts.

The girl reportedly escaped from the clutches of her attackers while they were taking her to an isolated location in the island’s jungle.

This year has seen increasing reports of sexual assaults on women and children, including gang rapes.

In October, police arrested two men and a minor on suspicion of raping an Indian nurse working in the island of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll.

In another attack in September, group of five men including the chairman of an anti-drug NGO allegedly drugged and raped a 15 year old girl on the island of Guraidhoo in Kaafu Atoll.

In August police also arrested five men on the island of Innamaadhoo in Raa Atoll for allegedly raping a 16 year-old girl

A another group of five were arrested on suspicion of gang raping an 18 year-old girl on Maabaidhoo in Laamu Atoll.

The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) and the Department of Gender and Family Protection Services had earlier strongly condemned the recent “atrocities” of sexual violence against minors, women and persons with special needs.

In an earlier press release , HRCM noted that the prevalence of sexual violence against the most vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly, under-age children and the disabled has “reached worrying levels.”

“We call on the government, state institutions, political parties, civil society organisations and all citizens to work together with renewed courage to stop such inhumane actions, save the community and establish a secure environment,” reads the HRCM statement.

According to Sub-Inspector Shiyam, police investigations have revealed a similar trend in most of the sexual assault cases.

Shiyam said that the girls are were attacked after being “lured by their boyfriends or friends to an isolated location at late hours”. In some cases girls were “lucky enough” to escape from the perpetrators, although in a few cases they were gang raped, he added.

He urged parents to be “more responsible with their children” adding that it is not advisable to let girls hang around outside with their boyfriends at late hours.


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  1. This girl needs to be flogged, because obviously, she caused sexual tension between her and pious men, which caused them to be possessed by satan for a while! Women cannot have boyfriends! That's atrocious! They should be married the moment they reach puberty, because that is the only way apart from flogging and stoning to prevent such disgusting jewish activities.

    I call upon the authorities to flog the girl, and send the men to a local imam or sheikh to revert them back onto the right path.

  2. There is no end to it. This is sad especially wen u strt listing these heinous acts outright like this.

  3. Before u go bashing islam, lets look atthe very serious issue of parental neglect here. Its higly inappropriate for 15 year olds to be out and about with boyfriends even in western societies. The first responsibility lies with parents to ensure they dont put their children in high risk situations......heck, im 40 and married, but my old man still checks up on me if im working late at work. And im thankful for that and the wisdom he imparted on me to ensure i do not put myself in risky situationa. The parents of this girl should be flogged!!!!!

  4. What is with you Maldivians and flogging/stoning? I kid.

    Its true that parental neglect is a main cause for this date-rape attempt. But I think an additional channel of communication to increase awareness about sexual and non-sexual relationships during adolescence is a more effective way of narrowing possibilities of date-rape.

  5. @Lila: get a course on how to detect and respond to sarcasm.

    I'm with Imam. The girl is clearly at fault here. Flog her! (yes..SARCASM you dumb nuts)

  6. sending those people who perform criminal acts to a local imam or sheikh to revert them back onto the right path will not alter them in this land now. Unless the authorities punish them physically according to Shariah immediately will not change any thing now.. we can't keep on talking, we need to take proper actions in accordance to Shariah "

  7. I did not know that girls who get raped are supposed to be flogged.. If you are gonna flog this girl, you will have to flog everybody who doesn't wear the veil or wear exposed clothes.. If that is the cause for such things as rape, they why don't you make a law saying "no woman is supposed to walk on a street without hijab or whatsoever" I really don't understand the part where everything is blamed on this girl..What about these men with uncontrollable desires? Do they have to just rape a person to fulfill their needs? Why not do it the right way? And for god's sake she is just 15 yrs old..

  8. i totally agree with @lila! Sheikh Imran u are sick , blaming this on the poor girl! These boys of this generation is something else, having more animal in them than common sense! , this girl wud have byn scard shitless cause of this ordeal nd ur still recommending to put her under more torture/pressure; which im sure she does not deserve!
    And also Sheikh Imran u mindless idiot i bet u were married by the time u reached 15 yrs, thats why u hav no idea why these young fellows are so obsessed with dating!
    BTW I LOVE ISLAM, i am totally aware that dating is not allowed, however while these schools are giving sexual education from the age of 12, i realy think these urges are difficult to overcome! FYI i am so not promoting sexual relationships before marriage nor am i blaming these activities on the education system! Hope this is effing crystal clear!


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